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Heated Tobacco

Heated tobacco or HNB (heat-not-burn) is an alternative method of smoking that involves heating tobacco leaves instead of burning them. Heated Tobacco devices contain an internal oven chamber that heats Tobacco sticks to produce a nicotine-containing vapour. The vapour contains fewer harmful chemicals than cigarette smoke, making HNB a potentially less harmful option for smokers.

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About Heated Tobacco

Referred to as ‘Heat-Not-Burn’ products, our Heated Tobacco kits and sticks are available from big brands including IQOS, PLOOM and glo™. They involve carefully designed tobacco sticks being heated by an electronic device instead of being ignited and burnt as with a cigarette. 

Heating at a lower temperature, rather than burning, reduces the amount of harmful chemicals released in the exhaled vapour. 

Our Heated Tobacco kits and tobacco sticks are available to UK adult smokers and vapers only. Free UK delivery is available.

Heated Tobacco Kits

Choose from our range of tobacco kits including IQOS, PLOOM and glo™ which emit on average 95% lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to that from a cigarette. Simply insert a tobacco stick into the heat chamber, where it will be compressed. Airflow circulates around the tobacco stick, meaning the heating is more efficient.

Heated Tobacco Sticks

All of our available tobacco sticks come in a range of flavours, so you can mix and match when using your heated tobacco kit. Each box contains 20 tobacco sticks, which contain 0.5mg of nicotine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is heated tobacco?

Specially designed real-tobacco sticks are gently heated by a device with an internal oven chamber; this releases nicotine into a vapour with no smoke, ash, or tar.

Is heated tobacco safer than vaping?

Heating tobacco releases fewer toxins at lower concentrations than regular cigarettes, but it does contain slightly more than most vaping products. During studies, the aerosol/vapour produced from vaping a tobacco-free product shows even fewer toxins.

Does heated tobacco smell?

The exhaled vapour from heating tobacco does not smell. The tobacco stick has a mild aroma as it is gently heated, but nothing like a cigarette! Disposing the used tobacco stick promptly after use will prevent any tobacco smells.

Are Heated Tobacco Products the Same as Electronic Cigarettes?

No, heated tobacco products are not the same as e-cigarettes as they heat actual tobacco leaf, whereas e-cigarettes contain nicotine derived from tobacco.

Are Heated Tobacco Products Less Harmful than Regular Cigarettes?

The emissions created from heated tobacco products generally contain lower levels of harmful ingredients than the smoke from regular cigarettes.

Can Heated Tobacco Products help me quit smoking?

Heated tobacco, as the name suggests, is the process of gently heating tobacco rather than burning it. The experience of inhaling from a heated tobacco device is very realistic to that of a puff on a traditional cigarette, you may find that you don't even miss the authentic tobacco taste with a heated tobacco product so can replace cigarettes entirely!

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