Vape Gold

Who are Vape Gold?

Vape Gold have a somewhat elusive reputation in the vaping industry. Rumoured to be based in the UAE, their elegant and popular Gold Bar vape ranges have piqued the interest of curious UK vapers who enjoy the high-quality craftsmanship and unique 'grown-up' flavour options.

As a brand, they strive to create some of the world's leading disposable vape devices, combining premium materials with desirable looks and innovative underlying technology.

It is safe to say, their unusual and unique products are making waves in the UK market. With their popularity increasing, they undoubtedly provide something different for UK vapers.

Gold Bar 600 Puff Hyper Mesh Disposable vapes

The Gold Bar 600 disposable vape range is Vape Gold's first foray into the vape market. The devices feature an anodised aluminium body, 600 puff count, with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid and a 500mAh battery. Legal in the UK; all products are listed with the MHRA as TPD-approved and UK regulated vaping products.

Gold Bar 7000 Puff Hyper Mesh Disposable vapes

Vape Gold's latest range, the 7000 puff Gold Bar vapes uses the same flavour profiles with a much larger battery and more generous e-liquid capacity that delivers up to 7000 puffs.

Whilst Gold Bar 600 disposables are pen-styled, their Gold Bar 7000 is finished in a shiny metallic gold and is more box-shaped and gold nugget-like in appearance. These devices have an injection-moulded drip tip and LED activation lights.

Both products have the typical Vape Gold exquisite black and gold packaging in the shape of a gold ingot with a slide-out draw displaying the product with a flourish upon opening.

The 7000 puff Gold Bar is currently unavailable in the UK.

Vape Gold flavours

Vape Gold's base of premium flavour recipes are developed from a 50/50 PG/VG nic salt e-liquid blend in 22 imaginative flavours in sweet, fruity and minty notes.

The range of e-liquid flavour options cover most familiar and popular disposable vape flavours with the Kiwi Passion, Spearmint, Blueberry Ice, Peach Ice and Banana Ice that you would expect. But, they have also incorporated some new flavours which are quite unique in both name and taste.

Currently the only nicotine strength available in these pre-filled Gold Bar vapes is a standard 20mg which limits the audience somewhat. It would be good to see a lower 10mg nicotine salt option in the future and also the introduction of more menthol based flavours.

Who are Vape Gold products aimed at?

Adult smokers who appreciate a classy looking vape with exotic flavours are the prime target audience for Gold Bar disposables and Vape Gold have cleverly developed a strong brand that appeals to the more mature vapers. There is an elegancy across their products rarely found. 

The sleek look, combined with an advanced integrated hyper mesh coil delivering a smooth and consistent puff, with premium materials and top-quality craftsmanship aimed at those who value a quality device.

Are there similar alternative brands?

In terms of elegance and style, there aren't currently many other disposable vapes similar to the Vape Gold product portfolio. 

The Dejavoo Phantom and the Hexa GO would be closest to the Gold Bar disposable vape as they apply a similar one-colour theme across all flavours to avoid bright and garish colours. 

Vape Gold disposables, with a sturdy metallic body do have more of a premium feel when compared to these plastic alternatives.

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