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Need a new pod kit? Looking for ideas about what pod vape is best? Visit our pod kits page for suggestions on your first vape pod kit and the prefilled pod kits we offer, or alternatively, check out a selection of the best refillable pod kits on the market.

What are prefilled vape pods?

Prefilled (closed) vape pods are the separate part of a pod kit that contains the coil and e-liquid. The other (device) part includes a rechargeable battery. 

Unlike refillable (open) pods, prefilled pods have a flavoured e-liquid pre-added by the manufacturer, and the entire pod must be disposed of once the e-liquid is depleted. 

To use a prefilled pod, simply attach it to your matching pod device, and you are good to go.

How do prefilled pods work?

The pod attaches to the main device with a simple push or click into place. When using the device, the power from the battery heats the e-liquid via the coil and produces the vapour you inhale, usually with the press of a button. If you get a dry hit/burnt taste or the e-liquid has run out, it is time to dispose of and replace your pod.

Who are prefilled pods suited to?

Prefilled pod kits are a great way to start vaping. They're easy, convenient, and require no prior knowledge. They have no settings to configure and require no maintenance.

Like disposable vapes, prefilled pods are suited to those who prefer an on-the-go vaping experience. At the same time, their factory-filled nature ensures they deliver a consistent vape experience with every pod. 

Prefilled pod kits are a good alternative for disposable vape users looking to reduce their environmental footprint whilst sticking to their favourite e-liquid flavours. Much less waste goes into landfill, and there is no need to throw a battery away once the device has discharged. 

How long do prefilled pods last?

The lifespan of your vape depends on how often you use it. For heavy vapers, it can last up to a day, while for lighter users, it can last several days.

What are the best prefilled vape pods?

The simple answer is that this depends on your flavour, nicotine, and 'throat hit' preferences, and you should take some time to test a few different pods to find the ones which suit you the best.

Popular pods to try include the Elf Bar Elfa and SKE Plus Pods ranges, which have intense flavours and are similar to disposable vapes and the experience of smoking a cigarette. Alternatively, the HEXA Pro, Vuse ePod 2, and RELX Essential pods have superior coils and provide a smoother, more refined vape experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between open and closed pods?

Open pods can be refilled with an e-liquid of your choice. Closed pods are prefilled with e-liquid from the manufacturer and must be disposed of after one use.

How much do prefilled pods cost?

A typical pack of two prefilled pods can cost between £4-6, with more expensive brands or packs of three costing up to £8-9.

Can prefilled pods be reused?

Prefilled pod cartridges are designed for single use only. Attempting to clean and reuse a disposable pod cartridge can be unsafe and potentially damage the device. If you want reusable pods, consider using a refillable pod kit instead.

When is it time to replace a Prefilled Pod Cartridge?

You will typically know it is time to replace your pod cartridge, as you should be able to see that the e-liquid level is visibly low or the flavour and vapour production has diminished. 

Some pod kits have indicators that alert you when the pod cartridge needs to be changed. If you are still unsure when to replace your pod, the box your pod come in should contain the manufacturer's instructions to guide you.

Can I use a different brand of pods with my pod kit?

While some pods may fit in devices from different brands, this is not deliberate. Prefilled pods are designed to work only with a matching device from the same brand to ensure a consistent and reliable vape experience.

Can I use my own e-liquids with a pre-filled pod kit?

Prefilled pod kits are designed to work with a specific e-liquid. While refilling some prefilled pod cartridges with your own e-liquid is sometimes possible, the e-liquid may not work correctly and could potentially damage the device.

What is the best prefilled pod kit?

This is down to personal preference. Popular brands of prefilled pods and pod devices include Logic Compact, HEXA Pro, HEXA Mini, Vuse ePod 2, Vuse ePen, RELX Essential, and MyBlu V2. It's a good idea to try different brands and flavours to find the one that best suits you.