Bar Juice E Liquid

Bar Juice E Liquid is one of our best-selling e-liquid ranges. The stylish and colourful design of the bottles coupled with a vast range of flavours is a recipe for one of the most popular e-liquid ranges on the market.

Bar Juice E Liquid offers high nicotine content with a host of delicious flavours. Focussing on premium quality for low cost, you’ll experience a range of juices for a great price. They are mixed with salt nicotine, which delivers quicker satisfaction and a smoother throat hit, whilst the small size allows for easy storage when on the go.

The bottles provide an easy user experience. Just pop the childproof cap off and add the juice to your e-cigarette to vape your chosen Bar Juice fruity blend.

Bar Juice Ranges

Bar Juice 5000 range comes in compact 10ml bottles that include a range of delicious flavours. They offer up to 1000 puffs per bottle, lasting the equivalent of around 100 cigarettes for a fraction of the cost. Just pop the childproof cap off and add the juice to your e-cigarette to taste your chosen flavour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recommend me a flavour to start with?

Whether you’re a first time vape user or you’ve been using an e-cigarette for a while, Bar Juice provides a great range of fruit and dessert based flavours. This liquid is crafted to resemble a similar taste to disposable vapes. We would recommend starting with a flavour you are familiar with. Our favourites include pink lemonade, apple peach and grape.

How long will Bar Juice liquid last?

This depends on your vaping style and how often you draw. However, the 10ml bottles will last around 1000 puffs, which is the equivalent of up to 100 cigarettes. This size tends to last around 5 days of constant use..

Will this liquid provide a similar taste to an Elf Bar?

Bar Juice liquid has been crafted to create a similar experience and taste to that of disposable vapes, such as an Elf Bar. As it includes nicotine salts that provide a smooth yet direct hit, Bar Juice liquid then comes in plenty of flavour blends like you will find with disposable e-cigarettes.