Feelm Max Disposables

FEELM Max disposables are unique, they contain an intricately designed ceramic coil enabling the delivery of up to 800 puffs (30% more than a standard disposable vape) per device. These coils most commonly found in more advanced vape kits create less impurities and residue through the heating process of the e liquid. FEELM Max disposable vapes give a very smooth and intensely flavoured vape experience.

Another benefit of the FEELM Max coil within these disposables is the consistency of flavour that it delivers. From the first puff, to the very last, e liquid remains in the 'optimal flavour zone' and does not fade during the life of the device.

The innovative design of FEELM Max disposables, which can be seen especially in the Dejavoo Phantom range, includes a translucent mouthpiece/tank giving full visibility of the level of e liquid remaining. This handy feature ensures that you do not continue to vape after the pre-filled e liquid has depleted and therefore should never deliver an unpleasant dry hit. 

We are an official UK retailer and offer free UK tracked 1st class delivery on the range of FEELM Max disposable vapes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a FEELM Max disposable vape?  

The technology within the ceramic coil of a FEELM Max disposable vape gives up to 30% more puffs (up to 800), as well as the flavour and intensity between the 1st and last puffs being far more consistent than from a standard mesh coil.

Will I taste the difference with a FEELM Max coil?  

The ceramic FEELM Max coil gives a unique intense and very smooth taste sensation. It does not start out strong and then fade away with the life of the battery as with most other disposables.