Feelm Max Disposables

What is FEELM Max Technology?

The phrase 'FEELM Max technology' refers to a type of ceramic coil used in specific ranges of disposable vapes (the coil heats the e-liquid to turn it into a vapour). This modern technology has been developed to deliver a more immersive experience than is usually found in this type of device.

The brand behind FEELM Max

Vape manufacturing giant SMOORE (founded in 2006 and parent company of Vaporesso) launched the FEELM brand in 2014 with the help of their top scientists and developers. Their aim was to research, test, trial and manufacture top-quality, healthier, and more eco-friendly global vaping products whilst adhering to world-leading safety standards.

The history of the FEELM Max Coil

FEELM have developed breakthrough new and innovative ceramic coil-heating solutions now used in the manufacturing process by many big vape brands worldwide. 

FEELM Inside was the first ever 11-layered coil with a ceramic core to be created. This coil has a puzzle-structure design which limits condensation and controls the gas and air exchange to remain airtight. This feature prevents leakage, minimises spitting, and generates more vapour than from a standard cotton-core coil design.

The 2nd generation FEELM Air coil became the World's thinnest, ultra-slim, 7-layered microporous bionic film coil, again with a ceramic core. This introduced 'Flavor-lock Technology' into the vaping market, increasing flavour intensity by 33% compared to standard coils. With an industry-first Nanoscale anti-corrosion layer, heavy-metal emissions also decreased by 78.6%. 

FEELM Inside and FEELM Air coils have been manufactured into both pre filled and refillable e-liquid pods and vape kits alongside 'TOPOWER, powered by FEELM', which is a power management system that increases the charging efficiency of the device by 100%.

The FEELM Max S1 ceramic coil then evolved, specifically for use in disposable vapes. This ultra-fine mesh design delivers internal technology never seen in the disposable vape market. Users of disposables containing FEELM Max coils experience an increase in flavour, a decrease in impurities, less e-liquid wastage and a smoother taste.

FEELM ceramic coil solutions have won multiple awards globally, including the Muse, iF, German Design Awards, Golden Leaf awards and Industry Leader from Vapouround in 2020.

FEELM Max disposable vape ranges

It was in 2021 when the FEELM Max ceramic coil was first introduced into a disposable vape. Before this, ceramic coils were only found in more advanced vape kits and refillable tanks. These high-end vape products are sold at a far higher price than the FEELM Max disposables available today, yet give a similar and satisfying vape experience.

Brands now collaborating with SMOORE to incorporate their remarkable FEELM Max coil technology include:


Hexa GO disposables are an upmarket vape range available in 19 flavours. These vape devices contain the same e-liquid found in the famous, rechargeable Hexa Pod Kits.

Kiwi Vapor

The classy-looking Kiwi GO disposables are available in a range of 12 flavours. They offer a velvety-smooth taste in a compact and attractive brushed-metallic sealed device.

Read an in-depth FEELM Max disposable vape review of the Kiwi GO HERE.


Both the pen-style Dejavoo Phantom disposables and the smaller, compact box-style Dejavoo Fresh Cube disposables offer an intense flavour for up to 800 puffs thanks to the FEELM Max ceramic coil technology within.

These big-brand disposable vape ranges highlight the build quality, puff count, balanced vapour and flavour consistency found in all FEELM Max disposable vapes. All have a 2ml e-liquid capacity and are available in a standard 20mg nicotine strength, each range gives a unique and very enjoyable vaping experience. 

The benefits of the FEELM Max Ceramic Coil

The unique ceramic coils found in FEELM Max disposables enable the delivery of up to 800 puffs per device - 30% more than a standard disposable vape containing the same amount of e-liquid.

These ceramic coils also absorb less e-liquid than standard cotton alternatives, so there is less e-liquid wastage in Feelm Max-based disposables. 

As a coil material, ceramic also produces fewer impurities (78% less than from a cotton coil) and less oral residue through the heating process of the e-liquid, giving a cleaner vape with the ultimate sensation.

During the e-liquid heating process, the particulates/aerosol in the vapour are 55% smaller in FEELM Max devices than those produced from a standard mesh or cotton coil structure. This smaller vapour structure and consistency gives a tighter MTL draw (similar to smoking), and a noticeably smoother inhale, with a silky-smooth and intense taste.

FEELM Max disposables are known for their vapour consistency and flavour. In 95% of puffs, from the first to the last, the vapour remains in the 'optimal flavour zone' and does not fade during the life of the device.

A relatively unique feature in FEELM Max disposables is the translucent mouthpiece/tank used as standard. This gives complete visibility of the level of e-liquid remaining in the device. This handy feature helps to ensure that you do not continue to vape after the pre-filled e-liquid has depleted and, therefore, should never receive an unpleasant dry hit. 

Which are the best FEELM Max disposable vape flavours?

If you like the sound of FEELM Max disposables but are not sure where to start, here are some of the flavours we think really impress:

Hexa GO Disposables - try the Sweet Tobacco, Menthol, Peach Iced tea and Orange flavours.

KIWI GO Disposables - try the Coconut Milk, Mint Cream, Caramel Tobacco and Latte Ice flavours.

Dejavoo Phantom Disposables - try the Kyoho Grape, Tobacco Espresso and Pineapple Slushie flavours.

Dejavoo Fresh Cube Disposables - try the Sour Kiss, Triple Mango, Mixed Berries and Pineapple Coconut Milk flavours.

Some of these disposables, including the Fresh Cube, have more sweetness than others; some ranges, including the Kiwi GO, are less sweet in flavour. All should last up to 700 - 800 puffs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are FEELM Max products aimed at?

FEELM Max vapes are designed for those who enjoy smooth flavours in a high-quality, premium vaping product.

What does FEELM Max Technology mean?

FEELM Max technology describes the patented ceramic coil-heating process within vapes used in the manufacturing process worldwide by many big-brand vape brands.

Will I taste the difference with a FEELM Max coil?

You can taste the difference. The ceramic coil in a FEELM Max vape gives a cleaner flavour with fewer impurities and is more consistent (the taste does not fade) than a standard disposable vape.

Are FEELM Max disposables more expensive?

No. Although FEELM spent many years researching and developing the best alternative coil materials to deliver purer quality and flavour, the prices remain competitive.

Which disposable vapes have FEELM Max coils?

The KIWI GO, Hexa GO, Dejavoo Fresh Cube and Phantom are all current disposable vape ranges utilising FEELM Max ceramic coils.