A selection of heated tobacco kits from Ploom, IQOS and NEAFS

Heated Tobacco Kits

Heated tobacco kits are an all-in-one package with everything you need to get started with heated tobacco products. Each kit includes a rechargeable device and charging cable and can often be bought as a bundle with matching refill sticks. Popular kits include the IQOS Iluma, Ploom X Advanced and Glo Hyper X2.

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We stock a range of popular heated tobacco Kits from big brands including glo™, IQOS and PLOOM. Heated tobacco products involve carefully designed tobacco sticks (HEETS, NEO or EVO Sticks) being heated by an electronic device (instead of being ignited and burned as with a cigarette). Heating at this significantly lower temperature, rather than burning, reduces the amount of harmful chemicals released in the exhaled vapour.

Also referred to as 'Heat-not Burn' or 'T-Vapour' products, our Heated Tobacco kits and tobacco sticks are available to UK adult smokers and vapers only.  Free UK delivery is available on the range.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Heated Tobacco Contain?

Heated tobacco kits are electronic devices which unlike e-cigarettes contain tobacco leaf. It is heated at a high temperature, without setting it alight.

Is Heated Tobacco the Same as Vaping?

Both heated tobacco and vaping are better alternatives to smoking and instead use an electronic device. The main difference between heated tobacco and vaping is that heated tobacco uses real tobacco, however vaping contains no tobacco and uses e-liquid instead.

How Long Does a Heated Tobacco Stick Last?

6 minutes or about 14 puffs. However, it does depend on the way you puff

Heated Tobacco Kit Reviews

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Ploom S Heated Tobacco Review

Ploom is the latest heated tobacco offering from JTI, alongside the EVO Tobacco Sticks.

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