Ploom S Heated Tobacco Review

PLOOM is a heated tobacco brand from JTI. The new Ploom Model S device can be used with the Ploom Evo Tobacco Sticks, which are available in multiple flavours.

Ploom Bundle Model S and Evo Sticks

Ploom Bundle - Model S and Evo Sticks

The beginner-friendly and simple-to-use Ploom Model S device works exclusively with Ploom Evo Tobacco Sticks. Designed to have a modern look and feel, the Ploom S device offers two different heat-up modes made to prioritise either battery longevity or taste and sensation. The status LED shows all of the information you need about your Ploom S, including battery charge level, heating status and usage time. The Ploom S is available in three colours: Matte Black, Soft Champagne and Steel Silver.

Ploom Model S Device in Steel Silver

Ploom Model S Device in Steel Silver

The Ploom S heats the tobacco in the Evo stick to produce a tobacco and nicotine infused vapour. Up to 20 tobacco sticks can be heated on just one charge. Simply insert an Evo tobacco stick into the heat chamber, where it will be compressed. Airflow circulates around the sides of the tobacco stick, meaning the heating is efficient. The ribbed heat chamber produces minimal charring as the tobacco inside the tobacco stick does not come into direct contact with the heating element, only with the heated air - this delivers a purer flavour with less mess. 

Ploom Evo Tobacco Stick BronzePloom Evo Tobacco Stick SepiaPloom Evo Tobacco Stick EmeraldPloom Evo Tobacco Stick Purple Tobacco

Ploom Evo Tobacco Sticks

There are now six varieties of Evo stick, each with a different tobacco taste.

  • Bronze: An aromatic and full-bodied rich tobacco.
  • Amber: A smooth and rounded classic tobacco.
  • Green: A cooling tobacco with intense menthol.
  • Purple: A traditional tobacco infused with menthol and fruity berries.
  • Green + Purple Crushball Options

Each flavour is incredibly balanced - the Bronze and Sepia provide a satisfying and realistic hit, while the Green and Purple option variants are perfect for smokers of menthol or crushball cigarettes.

If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Vapourcore.

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