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Who are Voopoo Vape

Voopoo are an established vape manufacturer located in Guangdong, Jilin, China. Following the launch of their renowned Drag Series mods in 2017, the brand exploded in popularity and became a significant player in the worldwide vape mod marketplace. 

The company aims to be an electronic atomisation expert by prioritising exceptional craftsmanship and incorporating the latest technological advancements in their product designs.

In recent years, Voopoo have also become a prominent player in the disposable vape market, offering convenient and easy-to-use products that cater to both beginner and more experienced vapers. 

Voopoo Vape Awards

Voopoo have earned numerous awards for their vape products. In 2019, they launched their VINCI products which won the best device award and best equipment innovation award at the United States e-cigarette show. They also won the world's best vape awards in 2020 and have continued to receive recognition since, including being named the best vaping brand in the USA - little wonder they have accumulated 30 million followers worldwide.

Company Values

Voopoo are dedicated to enhancing the vaping experience through innovation, with over 6,000 employees and $100 million invested in research and development. Voopoo value innovation, bravery, and persistence and constantly strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional products to customers.

Who Are Voopoo products suited to?

  • Users who favour a high-quality vaping experience 
  • Users who prefer technologically advanced vaping devices
  • Users who appreciate well-designed, visually appealing devices
  • Any user of disposable vapes, mods, pod mods & pod devices

Voopoo Vape Products

Voopoo Disposable Vapes

Voopoo retail their disposable vape product ranges under a separate 'Zovoo' brand. A wide variety are available worldwide, but at present, only the Dragbar and the Dragbar Z700/Z700 SE are legal in the UK. 

Their other disposables contain either too much e-liquid or nicotine under current UK legislation. devices popular internationally include the Dragbar B5000, the Dragbar 6000, and the F8000. 

If you see a vape from Voopoo / Zovoo with significant puff capabilities or one that contains over 2% of nicotine, it is safe to say the vape is not UK-legal.

Voopoo's disposable vape products utilise advanced technology similar to that in their Mod kits, including their GENE TREE ceramic coil. As a result, they have a notable performance advantage over other disposable vape brands.

Voopoo Dragbar Z700 SE Disposable Vapes

Created collaboratively by Voopoo and Zovoo, the Dragbar Z700SE is Voopoo's latest high-tech disposable vape. The device has proven popular among vapers due to its higher-than-average 700 puffs and advanced atomisation abilities enabled by a GENE TREE ceramic coil, providing users with strong and consistent hits.

Unusually for disposable vapes, each pack includes two bars instead of one, providing approximately 1400 puffs in total. Popular flavours in the range include mixed fruit blends like Apple & Peach, citrusy flavours like Lemon & Lime, and popular drinks like Cola Ice.

Mods & Mod Kits

The success of Voopoo can be attributed to their exceptional mods and mod kits. Voopoo created highly advanced mods & mod kits that outperformed any other vape mod on the market by investing more time and money in product development during their earlier years. Popular mod products from Voopoo include the Argus GT 2, Drag 4, and Drag X Pro.

Drag Series Mods

The Voopoo Drag Series is a line of highly popular vape mods, which includes the Drag H40, Drag X Plus, and Drag Nano. The Drag Series is renowned for exceptional performance, reliability, and stylish designs. Each mod provides high power output, advanced features, and compatibility with various atomisers, perfect for more serious vapers looking for more control over their vape.

Voopoo Pods & Pod kits

As pods have grown in popularity, so have Voopoo's pod mods/pod systems. Most Voopoo pod mods feature power-switching modes to accommodate your preferred vaping experience/e-liquid requirements. There are also pods for MTL, DTL or both MTL & DTL, giving you maximum flexibility. Popular pod kits include the Zovoo C1 Pod Device, the Argus Pod SE, the Argus G, and the Argus P1.

Voopoo Argus Pod

The Voopoo Argus Pod Mod is a compact and versatile device that combines a pod system's convenience with a traditional mod's power. It features adjustable power settings and replaceable pods and accommodates both MTL and DTL vaping styles. The Argus is equipped with Voopoo's advanced GENE.TT chipset for fast firing and safety protections, making it a user-friendly and enjoyable vaping experience.

What makes the Voopoo Brand Different?

Separating Voopoo from other vape brands is their clear commitment to producing high-quality, innovative products with unique technological advancements unmatched by any other brand. Voopoo cater to all vaping preferences, making their products accessible to everyone, including those who prefer a more straightforward user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are VooPoo vapes safe?

All disposable vapes including VooPoo's disposable vapes, are safe to use, and are made of the same components as a standard re-fillable e-cigarette.

Can I refill a VooPoo vape?

No, our range of VooPoo vapes are disposable vapes only and can’t be re-filled. They each contain enough e-liquid to outperform 20 traditional cigarettes. VooPoo vapes are designed to be a simple option as there’s no need to refill or recharge. Instead, these vapes can just be disposed of responsibly when they are empty. 

Is VooPoo a good brand?

VooPoo are known for a very high quality vape, flavour, and duration. Their Dragbar Z700 SE range created in collaboration with ZoVoo are supplied in a pack of two disposables giving a combined usage of upto 1400 puffs.

Who owns Zovoo?

Zovoo and Voopoo are owned by the parent company ICCPP Group. Many users confuse Zovoo and Voopoo because of their partnership in creating Dragbar disposable vape ranges.