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Starter vape kits are the simplest of all vape kits. They are the easiest to use and remove the need for maintenance or complicated setup. There's no need to replace coils or adjust power settings. Everything you need to start vaping is included in the kit. Just add e-liquid or pods. Popular starter kits include the Elf Bar Mate 500, Hexa Pod Mini and the Blu 2.0.

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Why choose a starter vape kit?

For those new to vaping, choosing a suitable device can be overwhelming with the many options on offer. That's where starter vape kits come in. These entry-level kits are the perfect choice for beginners or transitioning smokers looking for an uncomplicated, low-maintenance setup. Everything you need to start vaping is included in the kit, so you can start enjoying your favourite flavours right away.

Switching from cigarettes to vaping

Switching from cigarettes to a vape starter kit is an effective way to reduce nicotine and tobacco intake as part of efforts to quit smoking.

Starter kits require minimal maintenance and are more affordable than mods or disposables. They're intuitive, user-friendly and rechargeable, with no fiddly settings to configure.

They are also considerably cheaper over time than cigarettes - around 25% of the cost over a year when using a refillable vape kit with e-liquids - compared to a 10-a-day smoking habit.

Upgrading from disposable vapes

Many vapers choose disposable vapes as the entry point to their vaping journey due to their convenient, ready-to-go nature. After a while, however, users may wish to upgrade to a more advanced vape kit to save money and benefit from a more customised vape experience.

Using a starter kit smoothens the transition from disposable vapes to advanced vape kits, eliminating the time-consuming task of researching which coils, tanks, mods, and e-liquids go with a kit.

Additionally, many of the most popular disposable vape flavours are available in pod or e-liquid form, providing users with a seamless upgrade from disposables to vape kits with little or no reduction in convenience.

Best starter kits for beginners

With so many choices, deciding which device is best can be difficult and time-consuming. Thankfully, we've compiled a straight-to-the-point list of the best vape starter kits to make it easier for you:

  • Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Vape Kit - a favourite among many vapers utilising classic elf bar flavoured pre-filled pods and refillable pods for your e-liquid of choice.
  • HEXA PRO Series Pod Vape Kit - A consistently flavourful, classy-looking vape with many pre-filled pod flavours to choose from.
  • Blu 2.0 Vape Device - Perfect for those looking for a straightforward click-in pod system, long-lasting battery life and strong-flavoured pre-filled pods.
  • Lost Mary Tappo Pod Vape Kit - An extremely flavourful pod vape kit thanks to its' ultra-fine QUAQ mesh coil offering a range of unique flavours in a compact, ergonomic device.
  • SKE Crystal Plus Pod Vape Kit - A vibrantly designed pre-filled and refillable pod kit with adjustable airflow for a tailored flavour strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vape starter kits only for beginners?

No, vape starter kits are suitable for everyone. They are low-cost vape devices designed to be very easy to use. All vapers can enjoy this simplicity, including more experienced vapers wanting a backup device or a more portable vape option.

How much do vape starter kits cost?

Cheaper models with smaller batteries crafted from lower-quality materials begin at around £5, while higher-quality kits offering better performance and more features are usually priced at around £20. All starter kits are far cheaper in the long term than disposable vapes or cigarettes.

Can I quit smoking using a vape starter kit?

Yes, vape starter kits are designed to help tobacco users quit smoking. They deliver nicotine using a mouth-to-lung inhale method that replicates the action of smoking a cigarette but with a flavoured vapour instead of tobacco smoke.

Is there a nicotine-free vape starter kit?

Yes, the best option is a refillable starter kit, which can be filled with widely available 0mg strength nicotine e-liquid.

Do vape starter kits use e-liquid?

Some vape starter kits have refillable pods or a tank that requires manual filling with bottled e-liquid. Other starter kits only use compatible pre-filled, flavoured, disposable e-liquid pods.

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