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Who are Geek Vape?

Founded in 2015 in Shenzhen City, China, Geekvape are one of the world's most successful vaping brands. Their success has found 30 million users and ten separate headquarters worldwide, including one in the UK. Since the lockdown of 2021, the Geekvape brand has exploded in popularity in the UK, particularly in the disposable vape market.

Company Values

Geek Vape's declared brand values include innovation - a commitment to continuous creativity and different thinking, and reliability - a commitment to producing products of the highest standard to ensure the best user experiences.

As the name suggests, the Geekvape brand centres around "geeky" vape technology. Despite the slang term "geek", Geekvape's use of the word only has positive connotations - like an expert, enthusiast, or person obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit.

Geek vape Awards

Over the years, Geekvape have received numerous prestigious awards, including the Vapouround Award 2021 held in Dubai, where competing against 300 other companies, they received five awards for Industry Leader, Best Disposable, Best Tank, Best Mod, and Best Branding and Marketing.

Who Are Geekvape products suited to?

Geek Vape appeal to all vape users thanks to their diverse range of products. Whether you are a smoker looking to switch to disposables or a more experienced vaper looking for new RBAs (Rebuildable Atomisers) to explore, Geek Vape provide a wide range of product options.

GeekVape Product Ranges

Geek Vape Geek Bar Disposable Vapes

Geek Bars

Geek Vape's original disposable took the vape market by storm on its initial release. A sleek, modern design paired with a range of new and exciting e-liquid flavours helped them become one of the most popular disposable vapes of modern times. These pre-filled vapes offer up to 575 puffs per vape, with 24 delicious flavours and flavour blends to choose from. A compact device, they are designed to fit easily into a pocket or handbag for convenient on-the-go usage. The battery and e-liquid they contain give them a lifespan of around 20-25 cigarettes, but at a fraction of the cost.

Geek Bar E600

Similar to the original Geek Bar, the newer Geek Bar E600 uses a compact pen format body but with an updated look and tactile feel, plus a Transverse Heating Coil to allow for a more stable and consistent taste from beginning to end.

Geek Bar Meloso 600

The latest disposable range from Geek Vape, the Geek Bar Meloso 600 features their latest VPU coil technology to provide users with an improved experience. Geek Vape suggest the new coil delivers a mellower taste, a longer usage lifespan, a consistent performance, and a safer vape.

GeekVape Tanks

Praised for their quality, durability, and innovative technology, Geek vape tanks are a firm favourite with experienced vapers, evidenced by their Best Tank award in 2021.

The popular Aegis range, which includes the Legend L200 Classic and the Touch T200, features the most famous Geekvape tanks, the Geekvape Zeus Sub-ohm. Living up to its godlike name, this tank excels in all areas - flavour, design and cloud production.

Geekvape Tank Technology


Geek Vape tanks utilise a top airflow design to help prevent leakage and ensure a smoother and more consistent vaping experience. The top airflow design also allows for greater control over the air entering the tank, enhancing flavour and vapour production.


Geekvape's mesh coils are compatible with their range of vape tanks. Each coil is made from high-quality material, able to withstand heavy use, eliminating any worry about burnt tastes and frequent replacement. The mesh coil is particularly effective with even heating and wicking, making each hit rich and flavourful. 

For more advanced vapers with powerful devices, sub-ohm coils like the Z or M series are a perfect choice, especially when looking for increased vapour production.


Accidents happen! Luckily, Geekvape have planned for this with high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and silica glass, to create tanks resistant to scratches, cracks, and any unforeseen accidents from daily life. The most durable tank, the Aegis series, is even IP68-rated, meaning dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof!

GeekVape Mods/kits

 Geekvape offers various options for different preferences, from a simple mod like the L200 to a high-tech touchscreen device like the T200. If you're searching for the best mod kit device, the chances are that the Geekvape L200 will be listed as the top option in online reviews.

Geekvape Mod Kit Features:

Variable wattage

Appealing to all vaping preferences, Geek Vape mods often feature adjustable wattage or temperature settings, allowing for greater control over the power and intensity of each drag whilst protecting you from unwanted dry hits.


Similar to their dummy-proof tanks, GeekVape mods use high-quality materials, such as aluminium and stainless steel, so no matter the knock, fall or spill, your device will survive like nothing happened! One of Geekvape's most popular mod kits, the Geekvape Aegis Legend, even features IP-68 - dust protection, shock resistance, and water resistance for up to 30 minutes to depths of 1.5 metres!


In addition to their performance and durability, Geekvape mods and kits are sleek and modern-looking. They offer plenty of colour options and designs to suit all tastes and preferences, ensuring that there is a device for everyone.

Geekvape Pods/ Pod Kits

Built to be durable and long-lasting, Geekvape pods and pod kits provide reliable performance in a compact form. Each kit offers a range of unique features to enhance the vaping experience, including adjustable airflow, USB-C fast charging and auto-drag functionality. With Geek Vape's high-quality coils, vapers can experience intense flavours and impressive vapour production.

Pods and pod kits like the Wenax H1 and the Geekvape AU are excellent choices for vapers seeking a more compact and portable device.

Unlike other pod kits, Geek Vape's B100 Boost Pro is a less compact, heavy-duty IP-68 kit targeted at more advanced vapers. This device utilises Geekvape's P Series Coil, which claims to have a doubled life span, producing significant amounts of vapour - perfect for cloud chasers.

What makes the Geekvape brand different?

Aside from a shared dedication to technological innovation, the things that separate Geekvape from other leading manufacturers are their reliability, and the wide range of high-quality products they produce. Whether you're a beginner looking for disposable vapes or an experienced vaper seeking advanced mods, tanks, or pods, Geekvape has a diverse product lineup that caters to all vaping preferences. 

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