SMOK is one of the leading vape hardware manufacturers in the world initially specialising in sub ohm vape kits and now pod kits and disposable vapes. They produce some of the best hardware for any vaping preference.

Whether you're brand new to the world of vaping and are looking for a way to make the transition from smoking easier, or whether you're an experienced vaper who wants to upgrade your experience, you need look no further than the SMOK brand. SMOK vape products are known for their premium quality, and with a wide range of SMOK products available from kits and pods to coils and tanks, you're sure to find what you're looking for when you shop from us, your trustworthy SMOK UK supplier.

SMOK Ranges

SMOK VVOW Disposables

SMOK VVOW Disposables is convenient, pocket-friendly, and portable. The device is easy to use, just inhale to vape and then recycle once empty. The SMOK VVOW Disposable is already pre-filled with flavoursome nicotine salt e-liquid, so you don’t need to mess around with any settings.

SMOK NOVO Disposables

SMOK NOVO Disposables offers up to 600 puffs of smooth 20 mg nicotine salt e-liquid. The SMOK NOVO Disposable is ideal for people who have just switched to vaping, or those wishing for a hassle-free option with zero maintenance.

SMOK NOVO S600 Disposables

SMOK NOVO S600 Disposables is a sleek and stylish disposable with a 550mAh battery. The SMOK NOVO S600 is available in a wide range of tasty flavours including exotic fruits alongside firm favourites like menthol.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are SMOK disposable vapes safer than smoking? 

Vaping is a less dangerous alternative to smoking. Disposable vapes may cause some side effects, but the harm caused by smoking is much greater than that of vaping. Smok vapes are high quality and one of our most popular disposable ranges. For more disposable vapes, take a look at our Elf Bar 600 range.

How long does a Smok 600 puff disposable last?

For average vapers, one disposable vape will last around three to four days, depending on the amount of usage.

What flavour of SMOK vape shall I start with?

The flavour depends entirely on personal preference, however those who are new to vaping might prefer something that more closely resembles a cigarette, such as a tobacco or menthol ice.