Vaping Tricks: How to Blow Smoke Rings and More

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular, as are the things you can do with them. Have you ever seen someone impress a bunch of people with cool smoke rings and shapes? There’s no reason you can’t do it either, so we’re going to show you how to blow smoke rings and create other fun vape tricks!

how to blow smoke rings

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How to blow smoke rings: step-by-step guide

Smoke rings are easy vape tricks, but impressive nonetheless. And they’re pretty straightforward to do:

  1. Partially inhale vapour from your e-cigarette and keep it in your mouth. Using a traditional e-cigarette is recommended over disposable vape device.
  2. Draw your tongue back to bring the smoke away from your lips and towards the back of your mouth.
  3. Make a rounded 'o' shape with your mouth, trying not to let the smoke escape.
  4. Release several small bursts of vapour, similar to small coughs or contractions of the glottis (like when you say 'butter' without the 't').

How to create other vape tricks

As you can see, blowing smoke rings is a pretty straightforward thing to do. So now it’s time to learn some more exciting vaping tricks and techniques.

The ghost inhale/mushroom cloud

The ghost is probably easier than blowing a smoke ring. To create this, simply inhale and hold the vapour in your mouth/throat for a few seconds. Next, open your mouth and immediately shut it again once the vapour has escaped. The trickiest part of this is to ensure that you don’t blow the vapour, as letting it leave itself is what makes its cloud-like shape. Why not experiment with different liquids to see if the texture and appearance changes as well?

Liquid mist

Seen in bars with skilled vaping bartenders, this trick involves creating the illusion of a misty surface. To do this: inhale vapour and exhale into a glass filled with cold water, making sure not to let it escape when exhaling. Plus, you could make this trick look even cooler by trying it with a variety of different flavoured and coloured liquids!

the dragon vaping tricks

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The dragon

Anyone who is into mythical creatures will love this one. The dragon creates the effect of, you guessed it, a dragon, by allowing the vapour to exit through your nose as well as your mouth in two diagonal beams. It is technically simple to do, but it may require a few attempts to get it to look right. Inhale as normal, pulling your tongue down to push the vapour to the back. When you exhale, use more force to release it through your nose, as well as closing the middle but opening the sides of your mouth and blowing.

The tornado

This creates an amazing swirl of vapour by using a flat surface, a thick layer of vapour and your hands. Become eye level with the flat surface, and slowly release a thick fog of vapour. Next, make fast upward motions in the fog with your hand, which will create a tornado effect. This is sure to amaze anyone watching, and we recommend using drip tips for this trick to get a bigger initial inhale.

The bull ring

While this is another simple trick, it again requires practice, perhaps in front of a mirror - that way you can adjust accordingly. So, do you remember how to blow smoke rings? All you need to do is blow a smoke ring, move towards it, and inhale it through your nose – this will give the impression at one point of a bullring.

With these cool rings and tricks in the bank, you’ll be impressing people around you all day. But why stop there? You can carry on learning more tricks, and you can get your hands on the best vaping accessories to go with them. Optimise your vaping kit here at Vapourcore!

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