The Best Vaping Accessories

Whether you’ve been vaping since before it was cool, or a beginner looking to join the craze, there are many different types of vaping equipment to consider. Not only that, there are many great ways to customise that equipment! But which ones have the most bounce for their ounce? Vapourcore consider the best vaping accessories on the market right now.

5 of the best vaping accessories

1. Batteries

Imagine how annoying it would be to be on the go and one of the batteries in your vape dies. You would be without it until you could replace the battery. So, many experienced or long-term vapers carry spares with them just in case, and some even carry a charging device so that the spare can be charging while they’re out. This is a great vaping accessory to get your hands on, and some would even call it essential.

Our best vaping battery pick: Efest 18650 Flat Top Battery

the best vaping battery charger(Copyright Ustinov Mikhail/

2. Battery chargers

This is perfect for the experienced vapers mentioned above – the ones that never have to go a second in the day without vaping. Battery chargers are a useful accessory to keep with you at all times, and you can choose from a variety of sizes (number of bays) and a variety of types (standard, portable, USB for the car) to suit your vaping preferences, too.

Our best vaping battery charger pick: Efest Lush Q2 Battery Charger/Efest Lush Q4 Battery Charger

3. Vape cases

No-one likes the time taken to rummage around in their bag to find what they need, especially if constrained/rushed by time. This is a common nuisance for vapers alike. What better solution, then, than a practical vape case to hold the vape in? With many different styles, sizes and colours to choose from, vapers can customise these e-cig accessories to match their tastes and styles as well as find their device more easily.

Our best vape case pick: Medium Bungee Fastening Canvas Vapecase

4. Unicorn bottles

Vapers revel in the opportunity to personalise their vaping equipment. They can choose from a variety of cases, mods, flavours and more, but many haven’t stumbled across the opportunity to concoct their own flavour. Enter the unicorn bottle: a simple container that can be filled with whichever combination of e-cig flavours that take your fancy. These great vape accessories take creativity to the next level – you could even invent something that will top the list of most popular flavours!

Our best unicorn bottle pick: Vapourcore Unicorn Bottle, available in 30ml or 60ml

the best vaping drip tips(Copyright Vaskar Sam/


5. Customised drip tips

Drip tips are becoming a popular choice for vapers as they appear to give a stronger flavour. An alternative to the standard cartridge, they attach directly onto the atomiser and allow the user to drip e-liquid directly onto it.

And there are many types to choose from too! Firstly are the glass drip tips which make it possible to see what’s going on inside your vape while you smoke. Another is the wider fit drip tip, allowing a much larger draw and better vaping experience.

Our best drip tip pick: DotMod Friction Fit Drip Tip

We hope these picks have helped you to decide on the best vaping accessories for you, and pray they will help you to quit smoking for good!

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