Large Juice Nicotine Salts Review

100 LARGE and 50 LARGE might be relatively new to the e-liquid scene, but that hasn't stopped them from becoming an incredibly popular range with our customers and our staff. Their blends are mostly relatively simple - three to four notes per flavour - but done exceptionally well. They've just launched their nicotine salt range which combines the most popular flavours from their previous two collections, and we were very excited to try these out!

Large Salts Flavours

Large Salts - Banana Haze

Flavour profile: Banana, hazelnut and pear

Let's get the obvious out of the way first: this sounds like a very strange combination. However once we tried it we immediately understood what Large Juice was aiming for. The banana and hazelnut combine to create a flavour that is strong, creamy and very sweet - reminiscent of a pudding or custard. The pear cuts through the creaminess, lending the flavour just a hint of sharpness and freshness, steering it away from sickly sweet to rich dessert. This is definitely a deceptive one - we would not have guessed that such a complex-tasting e-liquid had only three components!

You'll like Banana Haze if you like: Banana Cream Pie by Glas Basix, Strawberry Banana Waffle by Double Drip, Vega by Dr. Fog's

Large Salts - Bango Mango

Flavour profile: Mango and banana

These two flavours go together so well, there's absolutely no need for a more complicated blend! Sweet and a little bit tangy, this e-liquid flavour has a taste that's balanced between creamy and juicy. This e-liquid will transport you away from the gloomy winter weather and to a tropical beach. If you normally steer clear of banana flavours as they have a tendency to be over the top in terms of sweetness, feel free to give this one a try - the mango adds enough tartness to make sure that this tastes like a fruit flavour, not a dessert flavour.

You'll like Bango Mango if you like: Mango Banana by Nasty Juice Cush Man, Mango Raspberry Ice Cream by Double Drip, Surge by Juice N Power

Large Salts - Berry Cold

Flavour profile: Dark and red winter berries with ice

Large Juice has kept the exact combination of fruit in this e-liquid under wraps - after some debate, the team at Vapourcore think we can taste cherry, blackberry and raspberry. It's a well-rounded berry flavour that is sweet and juicy-tasting. When trying an e-liquid described as "icy" there is always a surprise in store: in some the ice is like a cooling chilly breeze, whereas in others it's more like a blizzard. Berry Cold is definitely more of the former - think of sweet fresh berries after the first winter frost. 

You'll like Berry Cold if you like: Heisenberg by Vampire Vape, Crystal Mist by Double Drip, Purple Slushie by Zap

Large Salts - Crispy Coffee

Flavour profile: Caramel-glazed doughnut, coffee and cream

Coffee-dessert e-liquids can be a tough one. In some of them, the coffee completely overpowers the dessert, and some are the other way round - and there's nothing more frustrating than an e-liquid that doesn't taste like the description! Large Juice has nailed the balance here though, this is an incredibly balanced e-liquid. The flavour of a strong black coffee goes so well with the sweet and sticky doughnut flavour. Most mornings in the Vapourcore stores begin with a rush to put the kettle on for a nice hot cup of coffee, so as you can imagine we were very excited for this release and it definitely did not disappoint. 

You'll like Crispy Coffee if you like: Cappuccino by Ohm Brew, Black Flag Risen Enriched by Five Pawns, Black Beard by Valkiria

Large Salts - Donut Worry

Flavour profile: Doughnut, strawberry jam and vanilla cream

This is a proper old-fashioned jam-filled doughnut flavour with an undertone of vanilla cream. It's also one of the best we've tried - we have a few staff members here at Vapourcore who normally avoid doughnut flavours as they do have a tendency to taste quite similar, but this one is very different. You get the balanced tastes of a fresh and cake-like doughnut, sweet and sugary jam and thick vanilla cream all at once. If you're a real dessert lover you will enjoy this e-liquid!

You'll like Donut Worry if you like: Carnival by Wick Liquor, Polaris by Dr. Fog's, Key Lime Cookie by Element

Large Salts - Kiwimelon

Flavour profile: Kiwi, watermelon, lychee and dragonfruit

A sweet and juicy fruit flavour. We think this flavour comes across as almost candy-like in sweetness but yet it tastes very natural. Kiwi and watermelon is one of those tried and true combinations just like strawberries and cream - it pops up in several of our most popular e-liquids. It's no surprise that this has been our best-seller so far out of the Large Salts range.

You'll like Kiwimelon if you like: Kanzi by Twelve Monkeys, Melonade by Zap, Alpha by Dr. Fog's

Large Salts - Pecanilla

Flavour profile: Vanilla custard, pecans and tobacco

A tobacco flavour with a difference. The vanilla custard is the most prominent taste here, but the pecans and tobacco bring the sweetness down. Great for those who are looking for a dessert flavour that isn't too sweet or a tobacco flavour that's light and flavourful. This makes a great all-day vape flavour as it isn't too strong or overpowering. The smooth throat hit from the nicotine salts means that this makes a perfect e-liquid for newly-transitioning smokers, especially those using a pod vape kit or a vaping starter kit.

You'll like Pecanilla if you like: DaVinci Code by Decoded, Rigel by Dr. Fog's, Gold Blend by Nasty Juice

Large Salts - Zest Pest

Flavour profile: Lemon, lime and orange

The three most popular citrus fruits, together at last. Surprisingly, although lemon and lime flavours are very common, lemon, lime and orange is a nearly unheard-of combination. We would not be surprised if this e-liquid changed that trend though as it is great - a real treat for lovers of citrus flavours and those who love e-liquids that are tangy yet sweet. It has somewhat of a sherbet or fizzy drink-like quality. 

You'll like Zest Pest if you like: Twisted Ice Cream by Double Drip, Harambae by Twelve Monkeys, Fresh Squeeze by Element

What an fantastic range of new products! We think Large Juice have done a fantastic job with these and we're so glad that we can now enjoy these great flavours in our mouth-to-lung vape kits. Remember that they can all be purchased from Vapourcore with UK shipping and worldwide delivery.

If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team. 

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