The Best Vape Flavours According to Vapers

Have you stopped smoking or are trying to stop smoking and wondering if the alternatives to smoking will be satisfying or flavoursome enough? This post aims to provide you with an assortment of the best vape flavours for your taste buds. The top vape flavours can vary depending on the time of day it is, personal preference, how much nicotine can be felt and the quality of the products. Also mentioned are flavours that you can vape throughout the day easily and at any time (also known as all-day vape flavours).  

Vapourcore have devised a list of the best vape juice flavours based on all these factors and have created a list of our best-selling vape flavours and collated data from our survey to find the most popular vape flavours according to 2,356 vapers.

(Note: all the flavours can be vaped with different amounts or no traces of nicotine – depending on your preference.)

According to our very own survey, the majority of vapers favoured a fruity apple flavour, which got almost a quarter of the vote. This was followed closely by bubble-gum flavour. Least chosen by our survey participants was the zesty lemon – only 1.1% of vapers states this was their favourite e juice. Also, on the lower end of the scale were raspberry (2.5%), menthol (3.4%), tobacco (5.7%) and mint (6.9%).

Vapourcore’s 10 Best-Selling Vape Flavours

These are the 10 flavours, on our site, that are best-sellers!

  1. Dr Fogs Supernova – the taste of vanilla and caramel suit any time of day. This flavour is perfect as an “all day vape”, as quoted by one of our many customers who were satisfied with this product.
  2. Atomic Boom Carrot Cake Blast – perfect for your sugar cravings. A flavour with a lot of impact.
  3. Vapourcore FLUX Fruit Mele – a tasty combination of apple, kiwi and grape.
  4. Coil Hootch Raspberry Milk Thang – for a smooth raspberry milkshake texture.
  5. Double Drip Raspberry Sherbet – “perfection in a bottle” according to one of our customers!
  6. Nasty Juice Cush Man – a deliciously exotic flavour with mango and mint.
  7. T Juice Red Astaire – a unique mixture of black grape and red berry with aniseed, menthol, eucalyptus to soothe your taste buds.
  8. Vapourcore CORE Jack Black – with a liquorice base for those liquorice lovers.
  9. Zap! Juice Melonade – the freshest lemon flavour out there!
  10. Decoded Davinci Code – decoded: pecan pie and cream.

What are the best vape flavours for each time of day?

This section doesn’t apply to all vapers, some people can enjoy any flavour and mix and match them, no matter the time of day. Furthermore, some individuals stick to just one flavour throughout the day and rarely change it – vaping is what you make it, there are no rules, just helpful suggestions for those who want them.

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What to vape in the morning

After waking up in the morning before work or before their day has properly begun, most people don’t like to vape a super sweet flavour or something that’s too thick and overbearing as it can be sickly. That’s why individuals who vape tend to go for more fruity, subtle flavours in the morning. Some of the best fruity/subtle flavours are Mango Raspberry Ice-cream and the classic but tasty Melon.

What to vape in the afternoon

A soft Grape and Berry flavour is one of the best vape flavours that is a go-to in the morning or even after lunch to help cleanse your palette with its soft and delicious taste that won’t mix poorly with your lunch.

What to vape in the evening

Later in the evening, we found that the most popular vape flavours were stronger and sweeter. After a busy, stressful day why not treat yourself to an Apple-Pie flavoured e-liquid? Or another popular vape flavour with a more creamy taste yet exotic taste – Bohemian Custardy (clever name, right?)

The Ultimate Vape Flavours Based on Smoking Habits

No ex-cigarette smoker or vaper is the same, if they were – there would only be one vape flavour on the market. Some people like a purer taste of nicotine, whereas others prefer a lighter nicotine taste with a more delicious flavour. We have found the best e-juice flavours for all types of smokers.

Hardcore nicotine lovers:

For those who are new to the vaping world and are missing nicotine – a good vape flavour would be more plain tastes such as a single note Apple or Mint (which includes tobacco and menthol) flavour.

The ones who just like to experiment with tastes:

The vapers who aren’t as keen on the nicotine usually opt for flavours which are stronger, full-bodied and aromatic and/or have no hints of nicotine. This Peach Yogurt flavour is a great vape juice flavour for those who like creamier flavours. For those who prefer sweeter tastes and love donuts – Custard Donut is for you!

Casual vapers:

Individuals who vape occasionally said that they enjoyed more simple flavours when we asked them in our survey.  Their favourite e-juice was bubble-gum, as it’s an easy and fresh flavour to vape at any time and is frequently described as a go-to all-day vape flavour.

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