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What are e-liquids?

E-liquids, also known as vape liquid or vape juice, are substances used in electronic cigarettes (vapes) to produce flavoured vapour, which a user can inhale. 

There are multiple types of vapes, including disposable vapes, pod kits, pod mods and mod kits. Some devices come with the e-liquid pre-added, while others require the user to add it themselves.

Vapes containing Nicotine-based e-liquids are used as an alternative to smoking cigarettes since vapes are considered less harmful and can deliver a much more enjoyable experience.


What are the ingredients used in e-liquids?

There are various ingredients used to make up an e-liquid. Here's a breakdown of the composition:

  1. Propylene Glycol (PG): A synthetic organic compound commonly used as a food additive. In e-liquids, PG carries flavourings and creates a satisfying 'throat hit' similar to smoking traditional cigarettes.

  2. Vegetable Glycerine (VG): Also known as Glycerol, VG is a natural compound derived from vegetable oils. It is responsible for creating thick clouds of vapour and contributes to the overall sweetness of the e-liquid.

  3. Flavourings: E-liquids come in many different flavours, from fruit, sweets, and desserts to tobacco and menthol. These flavours are derived from food-grade flavourings similar to those used in the food industry.

  4. Nicotine (Optional): Not all e-liquids contain Nicotine, but manufacturers usually add it. Nicotine is an addictive stimulant found in tobacco plants. E-liquids have varying Nicotine content depending on their target audience, ranging from high levels for heavy smokers to Nicotine-free options for those looking to quit.

How e-Liquids work: 

When users activate their vaping device (usually by pressing a button or inhaling), a battery heats a coil immersed in e-liquid. As the coil heats up, it vaporises the e-liquid, transforming it into a cloud of vapour that the user inhales. The vapour carries the flavour and, if present, the Nicotine into the user's mouth and lungs.

Use your own e-liquid

Vapers can buy E-liquids individually to refill their vape kits as an alternative to purchasing pre-filled disposable vapes. A diverse range of options means users can choose their own PG/VG or nicotine content instead of being stuck with the fixed choice determined by a disposable vape.

What are the different types of e-liquid?

With so many types available, choosing the right e-liquid can be complicated. It is crucial to select one that suits your vape device and preferences.

Here's a breakdown of the different types available:

Nic Salts

Nicotine Salt e-liquids, or 'Nic Salts', have the Freebase Nicotine combined with an acid, such as Benzoic or Citric acid, to balance the pH levels and create a more neutral nicotine with a milder throat hit. 

Nicotine Salts are the most common type and are ideal for more frequent use.


E-liquids containing Freebase Nicotine provide the most similar experience to smoking cigarettes. Freebase Nicotine is Nicotine that has been converted into its purest form. Freebase makes the e-liquid more volatile when heated, resulting in stronger, harsher hits, particularly for first-time vapers.

Since this can be rough on the throat, Freebase e-liquids are better suited to smokers who are used to the sensation or those who prefer to take small puffs throughout the day.

Freebase e-liquids can be blended into more complex and adventurous flavours than other types.

High PG E-liquid (50/50, 60/40 PG/VG)

This type of e-liquid is ideal for lower-powered MTL devices such as pod kits or MTL starter kits with a resistance of 1 ohm or more.

These nicotine-infused vape juices are a favourite choice for beginner vapers since they provide a cigarette-like experience and come in strengths of up to 18mg of Nicotine. 

Regulation in the UK means 50/50 liquids are available to purchase in 10ml bottles only.

High VG E-liquid (70/30 or higher VG)

This product is designed for use with sub-ohm tanks and vape kits with a higher power output. 

VG is a thick, sweet liquid offering denser vapour clouds and more intense flavours. Because of this, high VG liquids are unsuitable for plus ohm (MTL) coils as they cannot absorb the liquid properly, leading to an unsatisfactory vaping experience. 

Sub-ohm liquids typically come in strengths no higher than 6mg of Nicotine.

Shortfill E-liquids

A shortfill is a larger bottle of e-juice, usually 50ml or 100ml, intended to be mixed with a nicotine shot (a 10ml e-liquid containing Nicotine) before use. 

Shortfills are perfect for devices that consume a lot of e-liquid, such as DTL vape kits. 

Adding an 18mg shot to a 50ml shortfill dilutes the Nicotine in the e-liquid, resulting in 60ml of 3mg e-liquid. 

Many vapers compare shortfills to cocktails, with the shortfill serving as the mixer and the nicotine shot as the spirit. They typically have a high VG concentration, but there is now a growing selection of 50/50 shortfills suitable for MTL kits.

Bar Juice E-liquids

E-liquids known as "Bar vape juices" are specially crafted to imitate the taste of disposable vapes and come in 10ml bottles. These juices contain nicotine salt and are best suited to MTL vape kits. 

Bar Juice liquids have gained popularity following the massive growth of disposable vapes. 

These vape liquids boast the unique feature of a double concentration of flavourings, giving users a stronger and sweeter flavour experience.

Popular brands producing Bar vape juices include Elf Bar ELFLIQ, Bar Juice 5000, and Elux.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What E-Liquid Should I Use For Vape Pods and Pens?

When selecting an e-liquid for these kits, opting for a 50/50 or high PG juice is best, as their coils have small wicking holes and require a thin e-liquid. These kits can handle any nicotine e-liquid from 0mg to 20mg strength.

What E-Liquid Is Best For A Sub Ohm Vape Kit (DTL)?

These kits come with coils that have large wicking holes and are best suited for thicker juices that can deliver more vapour. Many vapers prefer to use 70% VG e-liquids, but for those looking for even more vapour, an 80% VG vape juice is ideal. With increased vapour production, sticking to low nicotine strength levels is best. We recommend a 3mg e-liquid. While you can go as high as 6mg, anything stronger may be too harsh on your throat.

What E-Liquid Works With Pre-filled Vapes & Disposables?

When using pre-filled pod kits or disposable vapes, there's no need to add e-liquid, and they shouldn't be refilled. Simply replace the pod or device with a new one when it's empty, and you're good to go.

What is MTL?

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) is a vaping style where you first pull the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. This style is commonly used by vapers transitioning from smoking, providing a stronger throat hit from less vapour, much like cigarettes.

What is DTL?

This method involves inhaling vapour directly into the lungs, similar to using a shisha or snorkel, instead of first taking it into the mouth.  DTL vaping produces a more significant amount of vapour compared to MTL vaping. Experienced vapers typically prefer direct-to-lung vaping.

How Many Puffs Does 10ml E-Liquid Last?

A 10ml bottle of e-juice will give 1000 puffs, at around 100 puffs per 1 ml. 100 puffs is equal to about 10-15 cigarettes.