Elf Bar EV5000 Refillable Vape Kit Review

Elf Bar EV5000 Refillable Vape Kit Review

Is it a disposable? Is it a refillable pod kit? Is it any good? We offer our thoughts on the novel EV5000 refillable vape kit from Elf Bar...

In the ever-changing vape world, where new brands and products come and go all the time, Elf Bar remain the most popular choice for vapers here in the UK and have consistently been so. In fact, their track record for developing the kinds of products people want to buy is second to none.

Take, for example, their current 600-puff disposable vape offering, including the infamous (but now discontinued) Elf Bar 600 range and the subsequent new and improved V2, which have dominated disposable vape sales for quite some time.

Consider also the recently launched Elfliq nic-salt e-liquid range, where refillable vape kit users can now access those massively popular Elf Bar disposable vape flavours in their preferred rechargeable vape kit.

In their own rechargeable pod kit offerings, you will find the Elf Bar Mate 500, the Elfa Pro, and the compatible pre-filled and refillable pod ranges. These products, too, benefit from those proven Elf-Bar-esque principles: well-thought-out with extensive R&D, innovative tech, unmatched simplicity, attractive styling, and value-for-money pricing.

Elf Bar truly seem to have thought of a product to target every vape technology category with the products currently in their portfolio.

So why, then, have they launched the EV5000?

I'm seriously conflicted about this new product, which straddles two vape categories (disposable vapes and refillable vape kits), as it doesn't make much sense and doesn't match the usual Elf Bar 'on-point' thinking. Here's why.

The Elf Bar EV5000

Elf Bar's EV5000 is, in essence, a longer-lasting, 5000-puff disposable vape. Usually, a disposable with this puff count would not be legal in the UK as it would almost certainly need to contain more than the permitted 2ml of e-liquid to deliver that many puffs. To get around this, Elf have used a 2ml capacity side-filling top tank in a device that can be refilled - up to a maximum of 10 times.

One 10ml bottle of flavoured e-liquid to cover the first 5 fill-ups is included with each device (the e-liquid flavour is dependent on the device colour chosen). Although the battery can be recharged with a USB-C cable (not supplied), the life of the device has been limited by the QUAQ coil within, which is not replaceable.

The words 'refillable starter kit' and 'rechargeable' are prominently displayed on the packaging. I have an issue with this; while you can refill this vape and recharge the battery, with its relatively short life (8 - 10 days for the average vaper), it is NOT a Refillable StarterKit as we know it.

The word 'disposable' does not appear anywhere on the artwork or packaging that I can see, but in my opinion, it remains one. This device is designed to be disposed of after 5000 puffs... so it is a disposable vape.

I felt further exasperation when I looked at the quality of the finish and materials used in the construction of this device. An impressive design with an excellent finish, paired with a substantial 650mAh battery (required to deliver the 5000 puff count), seems wasted on a product that is going to be binned!

Short of educating disposable vape users on how to refill a vape tank to move them on to better options, I am struggling to see the point of a 'refillable-disposable' range.

Elf Bar EV5000 Promotional banner with product specificationsElf Bar EV5000 device flavours


The EV5000 Starter Kit box contains the following:

  • 1 x EV5000 Battery
  • 1 x 10ml bottle of Elfliq e-liquid
  • 1 x User Manual

The packaging for the EV5000 is excellent. It features eye-catching, flavour-dependent colours in an attractive Elf Bar design, including silver and UV spot detailing. The QR code to scan to verify authenticity is present, along with all standard warnings and information.

Upon opening, an instruction leaflet with clear graphics sits on the neatly displayed bottle of Elfliq e-liquid alongside the EV5000 device in a clean white tray.

At first glance, my impression of the test devices was of two lovely solid metallic vapes - and they really are stunning to look at! The battery has been painted with an attractive two-tone gradient. The Spearmint device goes from vibrant to lighter green, while the Blue Razz Lemonade is a lovely two-tone purple. The white Elf Bar + Quaq logos and UKCA marks really pop against the colours of both the devices that I received.

These are what you would call an all-in-one AIO vape device in the olden days, although, in this case, the tank is fused onto the battery. They are short and chunky, quite heavy, and fit beautifully in your palm or pocket. The e-liquid level can be seen clearly in the seamless semi-translucent plastic tank, which also forms the mouthpiece.

Elf Bar EV5000 Spearmint and Blue Razz Lemonade boxesThe contents of an Elf Bar EV5000 Refillable Disposable Vape boxEV5000 Spearmint and Blue Razz Lemonade devices held in a handThe attractive metallic finish of an Elf Bar EV5000 device

Testing the EV5000

Setup and charging

No charging cable is included, but the EV5000 uses a standard USB-C, and both devices arrived seemingly fully charged.

Upon charging the Blue Razz Lemonade, whose battery had depleted very quickly, I discovered the LED light on the base did not illuminate. It successfully charged, but the LED visibility issue caused a slight stress about whether the cable or device was at fault (neither was).

Removing the rubber bung from the mouthpiece and a sticker from the airflow/charge port on the base was easy. Subsequent filling with e-liquid is done via a port fitted with a leakproof rubber stopper on the side of the tank.

Filling with e-liquid

As ever, the cellophane and child-proof cap on Elfliq e-liquid bottles proved an absolute pain to get into, but once I got past this, I filled the tank right to the top and let it sit upright for 5-10 minutes to allow the coil to be correctly saturated.

Warning! If you don't do this step properly and end up with a dry burnt coil, then that is it - the device is ruined, useless, and cannot be saved - a rather important but negative point!

While filling, both the port and the tank seemed very spacious. I checked the level of e-liquid remaining in the bottle and confirmed that it was only 2ml down. Maybe I am subconsciously suspicious of Elf Bars in general, given their previous history.


The EV5000 gives a very nice tight draw from a very cleverly designed airflow system and delivers exceptional flavour thanks to the QUAQ coil within. However, I soon discovered an issue. While I love all things menthol and mint, I really didn't enjoy the Spearmint ElfLiq flavour. Consequently, as I had filled the tank with the supplied e-liquid, I am now stuck with this flavour in this device forever, or at least until the 2ml has been vaped away.

I am so used to having the ability to chop and change pods in vape kits for different flavours and strengths throughout the day, refillable or otherwise. So, the fact that the tank isn't removable seems a huge step back in time, forcing the user into just one flavour. As much as the EV5000 claims to be a pod kit, it is really a disposable vape to which the same single-flavour option applies.

Now, if I had initially filled it with Elux Legend Menthol Nic Salts, I would have enjoyed every single puff. Regardless, the Elf Bar Blue Razz Lemonade in the other test device is a flavour I know and like, so I moved on to this to finish the review.

The EV5000 produces lots of vapour, so there is certainly no possibility for stealth vaping; it is impossible. Thanks to the powerful, intense Elf Bar flavours, the aroma left in the room is fruity and sickly sweet but not unpleasant.

Cost of use

While the brand-new QUAQ coil was delivering an outstanding performance and a thoroughly enjoyable flavour, my thoughts turned to refilling. This device has a 2ml tank, and you can apparently refill it 10 times before the flavour fades and the entire device needs binning.

So, given the ability to vape 20ml of e-liquid before its demise and the fact that 1 x 10ml bottle of e-liquid is included in the box, which will only refill the tank 5 times, you will need to purchase another bottle to get the most from this device.

The cheapest way to buy e-liquid is in a 4 for £10 multibuy, so assuming you do that, the EV5000 will need to be disposed of after just one of your new bottles has been used. Then you are left with 3 bottles of e-liquid and no device.

Yes, you could buy another EV5000, but these are supplied with an e-liquid, so you would need to buy another 3 EV5000s to use up the remaining e-liquid. This is a confusing and bizarre (to me) feature of what is otherwise a gorgeous device.

At this point, I would suggest purchasing a 'true' refillable vape kit with compatible replaceable pods for your remaining 3 bottles of e-liquid.

Each EV5000 costs £9.95, and while it delivers the equivalent puff count of 10 disposable vapes priced around £4 each (£40), there are far better value AND more sustainable alternative options. True refillable and rechargeable vape kits that will last many months, if not years, cost not much more. The Elfa Pro device, for example, is £5.95, with a pack of 2 x refillable pods priced around £5, and you will already have 3 bottles of e-liquid spare after your EV5000 experience!


Elf Bar


  • System Type: Open
  • Vape Styles: Mouth To Lung (MTL)
  • Coil Type: QUAQ Mesh coil
  • Coil Resistance: 0.8 ohm
  • Refillable: Yes, 10 times
  • Battery: 650mAh integrated
  • Firing Method:  Auto Draw
  • Airflow: No adjustable airflow
  • Charge Time: 20 mins
  • Recharge Frequency: ~24 hours
  • Cable / Charger: USB-C cable not included
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Puffs per pod: 5000
  • Pod E-liquid: Recommended 50/50 PG/VG Nic-salt
  • E-liquid Refill: Side Fill
  • Pod Compatibility: No replaceable pods
  • Dimensions: 101mm x 21mm x 21mm
  • Weight: 60g
  • Who is this product best for?

    Disposable vape users wanting to try a refillable device

    Do I recommend this product?

    Sadly not

    Reasons for buying this product:

    • Exceptional craftsmanship, flavour and performance
    • Choice of using own e-liquids
    • Longer lasting than a disposable vape

    Comparable products:

    Difficult! Disposable element: Elf Bar 600 V2. Refillable element: Elf Bar ELFA Pro Pod Kit with open pods


    Battery Life:
    Design & Build:

    Overall Score:

    4.0 out of 5


    To conclude, after testing, I am left feeling that the EV5000 is a crazy idea from Elf Bar, and I just don't understand it. It is a crying shame that the pod/tank is not removable because, as a pod kit, I would happily enjoy using this as a daily vape and recommend it to all. It is so brilliantly made, beautiful, outstanding in performance, and perfectly palm/pocket-sized. It is better in performance than any of their existing pod kits so maybe a newer, more sustainable version of the EV5000 is in their future plan.

    It's just such a waste to throw this device away!

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