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We stock all the top refillable and pre-filled pod brands, including HexaElf BarVaporessoVuse, and SKE. Not sure what you're looking for? Don't worry - we've got you covered! We stock all the latest products, including the popular Elfa Pods, the new SKE Plus Pods, the highly regarded and affordable Yooz Pods, and a variety of quality e-liquids for your refillable pods.

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Vape pods are growing in popularity thanks to their cost-saving over disposable vapes and convenience over traditional mod kits. The compact and portable nature of pods and pod vapes also makes them ideal for carrying with you throughout the day.

If you are considering switching from disposables to pods, many of the same flavours you love in disposable vapes are available in pod form. Typically, these pods hold up to 2ml of e-liquid, equivalent to around 600 puffs, the same as your disposable device.

Want a tip? Check out the SKE Plus pods for the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit, as these contain familiar flavours from the popular Elf Bars, or for something a bit more flexible, check out the refillable Vaporesso XROS Nano 3 Pod Kit; you won't be disappointed!

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About Vape Pods

What are Vape Pods?

Vape pods are a cheap and convenient alternative to disposable vapes, mods and tanks. As the name suggests, vape pods are detachable pod units that hold the coil and e-liquid part of a vape, much like a vape tank. These are paired with a pod device to make a complete pod vape kit. Vape pods come in two different forms, refillable or disposable.


What are Pod Kits?

Pod kits are reusable vape devices that include a matching vape pod. When purchasing, pod kits sometimes include vape pods within the kit, although this is not always the case, so it is worth checking to see if the pods should be bought separately. 

The pod device contains a rechargeable battery which delivers the power that heats the e-liquid in the pod. Pod Kits are similar to Mod kits but have fewer features and less adjustability. They also require less maintenance, making them attractive to users who prefer a more straightforward solution.

What are pre-filled vape pods?

Pre-filled (closed) vape pods are all-in-one sealed units containing e-liquid and a coil. Their closed nature means they cannot be opened to replace the elements within. To use the pod, you simply attach it to your pod device, vape with it until the e-liquid has been used, and then dispose of it and replace it with a new one.

Almost all pre-filled pods are designed to fit a matching device from the same vape brand and are not interchangeable with other brands.

Typically, pod devices for pre-filled pods have very few settings to tweak, preventing pod components from being pushed too far and ensuring you benefit from a consistent vaping experience.

What are Refillable Vape pods?

Unlike pre-filled vape pods, refillable (open) pods are supplied empty so that you can add an e-liquid of your choice, usually through a top or side port, and then refill them once the e-liquid has been used. 

This pod type allows more adventurous vapers to explore e-liquids of different strengths and flavours from any vape brand. You can achieve the same thing with a mod kit, but pod kits are much more discreet and easier to maintain than mods.

Refillable vape pods also have an environmental advantage over pre-filled pods, as each pod has a lifespan of between 6 and 10 refills. In contrast, disposable pods have only one use before being thrown away, generating additional plastic waste and excess packaging. 

What are disposable vape pods?

The term "disposable vape pods" is another way of describing vape pods. By nature, all vape pods are designed to be thrown away after use, while the separate pod device is the part which is retained.

Why choose pods instead of disposable vapes?

Choosing pods over disposable vapes can save you money and reduce your environmental impact, as you won't need to purchase and dispose of a whole vape device every 600 puffs. This means much less plastic waste, packaging, components and batteries are sent to landfill.

As with disposable vapes, pod kits are ideal for on-the-go vaping due to their compact size. Generally, they are much smaller than mod kits and come in similar shapes and sizes to disposables; the Vaporesso XROS 3 Nano compact pod kit, for example, is similar in size to the Lost Mary BM600 disposable vape and can easily fit in a pocket.

What are the best vape pods?

The answer to this question is complex. A more appropriate question might be, "Do I prefer disposable or refillable pods?" 

Refillable pods are best if you want the freedom to choose any e-liquid and not be tied to a particular brand. Pre-filled pods are for you if you prefer to stick to a favourite brand or avoid topping up the e-liquid yourself.

Once you know your preference, you can experiment with pods and pod kits from different brands to determine which pod gives the best vape experience for you and which has the e-liquid flavours you like.

What are the best e-liquids for pod & pod kits?

Pods and pod vape kits are small and convenient, but they have limitations regarding the e-liquids they can use. Since their coils and wattage are smaller than mod kits, thicker e-liquids with high VG content are harder to absorb and heat, leading to burnt coils and dry hits. To avoid this, it is best to use thinner e-liquids with high PG content or a 50:50 mixture. This will provide a stronger and more flavourful hit.

Looking for the right e-liquid to pair with your pods/pod kit? Check out our e-liquids page here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Vape Pods Work?

Like most vapes, a vape pod works by heating a flavoured e-liquid using an electrical current passed through a coil to produce a vapour for inhalation. A battery in the adjoining pod kit device delivers the current.

Do Vape Pods Have E-liquid In Them?

Only pre-filled (closed) pods contain e-liquid; refillable (open) pods do not come with e-liquid, and some must be added.

How do I Use a Vape Pod?

Pre-filled pods can be attached to your pod device directly from the packet, ready to start vaping. Refillable pods require an e-liquid adding before use. 

If you have just filled a pod with e-liquid, let it soak into the coil for a few minutes to avoid getting a burnt hit.

Most pods attach to their device easily with a simple push, although some, like the SKE Plus Pods, attach magnetically.

Once your pod is attached and ready, simply inhale to vape!

How Long do Vape Pods Last?

Depending on your vaping habits and the device used, your vape pod can last anywhere between 3 and 7 days.

Are Vape Pods Recyclable?

Unfortunately, most vape pods aren't recyclable due to non-removable inner components. For the few pods that can be disassembled, parts can only be recycled where facilities allow.

Can I Use Vape Pods To Help Stop Smoking?

Like disposable vapes, you may find vape pods helpful if you're attempting to quit smoking. They both imitate the act of smoking and deliver a nicotine hit. Using refillable pods, over time you can gradually lower the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid, reducing your nicotine addiction and helping you to stop.