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Ploom are a heated tobacco brand known for their Ploom X and EVO ranges. Through innovative technology, Ploom delivers a realistic and satisfying real-tobacco alternative to smoking.

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Who are Ploom?

Ploom is a leading heated tobacco brand, acquired in 2011 by JTI (Japan Tobacco International), an international tobacco product manufacturer. Ploom is part of JTI's 'reduced-risk' strategy to develop, test, and bring innovative heated tobacco products to market with the potential to reduce the health risks from smoking.

Who are Ploom products suited to?

An ideal reduced-risk alternative for those wanting to stop smoking cigarettes, the vapour produced contains, on average, 90-95% fewer levels of 9 constituents that the World Health Organisation recommend reducing within tobacco smoke. Please be aware that no tobacco product is risk-free.
Choosing Ploom also saves you money; a pack of 20 EVO costs half the price of a box of 20 cigarettes!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Ploom device? ‍

Simply insert a tobacco stick into the heat chamber, where it will be compressed. Airflow circulates around the tobacco stick, meaning that heating is more efficient.

Is heated tobacco the same as vaping? ‍

Heated tobacco devices heat real tobacco within a specific temperature range, using a heat-control system so that it doesn't burn. E-cigarettes vaporise an e-liquid containing nicotine.

How long does my Ploom device work once fully charged? ‍

Your Ploom device will last for approximately 20 sticks. However, over time, battery life will gradually shorten. The number of sticks which can be used on one full charge depends on the way you smoke, and could be affected by low external temperatures.

Does Ploom produce smoke?

Ploom produces no smoke, tar or ash; it is a smokeless method of heating real tobacco.

Is Ploom cheaper than smoking?

Ploom is much cheaper than smoking; a pack of 20 EVO sticks costs 50% less than 20 traditional cigarettes and lasts a similar duration.

Does Ploom taste the same as a cigarette?

Ploom EVO tobacco sticks are available in traditional tobacco flavours to replicate the taste of a cigarette. There are also multiple flavoured options for those wanting something different to the taste of pure tobacco.

Ploom Product Reviews

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Ploom is the latest heated tobacco offering from JTI, alongside the EVO Tobacco Sticks.

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