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Common FAQs about Ploom

Is Ploom a vape?

No, heated tobacco devices like Ploom X Advanced are not vapes. As the name suggests, heated tobacco kits heat natural tobacco sticks, whilst vape devices heat e-liquid. Both contain a battery and nicotine, and both release vapour rather than smoke, but Ploom EVO sticks contain a unique blend of actual tobacco. 

How does Ploom X work?

Ploom X Advanced is a small, sleek, compact device with a built-in battery. It contains an internal oven chamber that, using advanced HeatFlow™ technology, gently heats flavoured EVO sticks (containing Activblend real tobacco) to release a nicotine-infused vapour. No tar, ash or smoke is generated during this tobacco-heating process.

Is Ploom healthier than smoking?

In recent testing, Ploom X Advanced reduced emission levels of 9 WHO-recommended smoke constituents by 90-95%* on average.

Tests were based on machine-measured data comparing 9 harmful constituents recommended for reduction in cigarette smoke by the WHO measured in the smoke of a standard cigarette (1R6F) and the vapour from Ploom X Advanced.

Is Ploom cheaper than smoking?

You can save up to £3600 per year by choosing Ploom over cigarettes. 

This potential saving includes the cost of a Ploom device. Calculation compares the average price of smoking 20 cigarettes (£14.54*) and 20 EVO tobacco sticks (£4.50) daily. 

*ONS data July 2023

Does Ploom smell?

There is no smell of smoke when you use your Ploom device; there is just a mild and pleasant aroma released in the vapour, which differs depending on the EVO stick flavour used.

Does Ploom produce smoke?

No, Ploom X Advanced uses Heatflow technology to heat tobacco gently instead of burning it. The temperature is not high enough to cause combustion or smoke or generate ash and tar; it just releases a tobacco-enriched vapour.

How many puffs do I get from a Ploom session?

Each Ploom X Advanced session lasts 5 minutes; you may take as many puffs as you wish during this time. 

How long does a Ploom stick last?

An EVO stick will last the duration of a 5-minute session in your Ploom X Advanced device, delivering a consistent flavour throughout. Depending on the frequency and intensity of inhalation, you may find on occasion that the EVO stick flavour becomes stale; this indicates that you should end the session early. 

Where is the button on my Ploom X Advanced?

While the Ploom X Advanced appears to be a seamless, pebble-shaped device with no button, a power button is discretely hidden behind the magnetic front panel. Pressing gently on the middle of the panel for 2 seconds will power your device on or off.

How do I know when my Ploom X Advanced is fully charged?

Charging progress is displayed on the LED strip on the front of your device. Once the strip is fully lit, your Ploom X Advanced device is almost ready. When fully charged, the LED lights will turn off. 

For more useful information regarding the Ploom X Advanced, please read our Ploom X Advanced User Guide and our Ploom X Advanced Troubleshooting Guide.

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