A complete guide to Ploom EVO flavours

What are EVO sticks?

EVO tobacco sticks are small sticks containing real tobacco designed for heating, not burning. They are compatible with all Ploom heated tobacco devices, including the Ploom X Advanced Kit.

What is Heated Tobacco?

Heated tobacco is an alternative option to smoking cigarettes. Specifically designed tobacco sticks are heated at a lower temperature instead of burning to reduce the harmful chemicals cigarettes produce during combustion.

How are EVO Sticks made?

EVO sticks contain ActivBlend™ tobacco, a mix of micro-ground and fine-cut high-quality tobacco leaves infused with subtle flavourings. They are enclosed in a tube-shaped wrapper with a soft filter tip in one end to form a stick shape. These sticks are inserted into a compact 'oven-style' electronic vape device.

How many EVO flavours are there?

The full Ploom EVO product range has 12 flavour options, each varying in intensity from low to high.

The range has 3 flavour groups:

  • The classic range is based around natural tobacco flavour blends.
  • The Menthol range has mint or menthol added.
  • The Fruit Menthol range has fruity flavours added.

What are the Ploom EVO Flavours?

Here's a detailed list of the EVO stick flavours, their flavour grouping, intensity, and taste descriptions.


The full range of Ploom EVO flavours

EVO Stick Flavours

EVO Gold

Tobacco Range - Low Intensity Flavour 
Gold EVO sticks, in their white and gold packaging, offer a mild, smooth and subtle tobacco taste with aromatic undertones of both wood and tea. They are the mildest of the EVO Tobacco flavour range.

EVO Amber
Tobacco Range - Medium Intensity Flavour
Amber EVO sticks, in white and yellow packaging, offer a nutty and smooth tobacco blend with complex woody undertones. They are a mid-range tobacco taste sitting between Tan and Gold in their flavour intensity.

Tobacco Range - Medium High Intensity Flavour
Tan EVO sticks, in their white and brown packaging, deliver a well-balanced and rounded classic tobacco taste with notes of coffee and caramel. In intensity, they sit just behind the Bronze sticks.

EVO Bronze
Tobacco Range - High Intensity Flavour
Bronze EVO sticks are supplied in white and brown packaging. They offer a classic, intense, full-flavoured, robust, toasted tobacco taste. They are the strongest of the EVO Tobacco flavoured sticks.

EVO Azure
Menthol Range - Low Intensity Flavour 
In white and turquoise packaging, Azure EVO sticks deliver a subtle flavour of smooth tobacco with soft mint and creamy undertones. They are the mildest intensity level of the EVO Menthol range.

EVO Green
Menthol Range - Medium Intensity Flavour
Green EVO sticks, in white and green packaging, offer a classic tobacco flavour infused with cooling menthol to deliver an authentic and refreshing menthol-tobacco cigarette taste. They are a popular choice.

EVO Green Option
Menthol Range - High Intensity Flavour
Green Option EVO sticks, in their vibrant green box, initially give a smooth tobacco taste with a subtle mint infusion. Upon crushing the capsule, an intense, refreshing peppermint taste is released. They are the most intense of the menthol-flavoured EVO sticks.

EVO Baize Option
Fruit Menthol Range - Low Intensity Flavour
A well-balanced and smooth tobacco flavour with a subtle mint infusion releases an aromatic pear taste sensation upon crushing the capsule.

EVO Magenta
Fruit Menthol Range - Low Medium Intensity Flavour
A delicate grape and mint flavour with berry and floral aromatic notes and a long-lasting cooling mouth sensation.

EVO Ruby
Fruit Menthol Range - Medium Intensity Flavour
A classic tobacco infused with crisp apple and mild mint flavours for a fruity menthol taste.

EVO Purple
Fruit Menthol Range - Medium High Intensity Flavour
Smooth tobacco with a subtle mint infusion. Upon crushing the capsule, an intense fruity berry flavour is released.

EVO Purple Option
Fruit Menthol Range - High Intensity Flavour
A smooth tobacco with a subtle mint infusion, upon crushing the capsule, an intense fruity berry flavour is released.

Top 5 Best-Selling Ploom EVO Flavours

  • Ploom Evo Green
  • Ploom Evo Purple
  • Ploom Evo Bronze
  • Ploom Evo Magenta
  • Ploom Evo Purple Crushball

How does the flavour of EVO Heated Tobacco sticks compare to a cigarette?

The flavour of heated tobacco sticks differs from that of cigarettes because the tobacco is heated instead of burned. Nevertheless, EVO sticks still deliver the authentic tobacco taste, nicotine hit, and satisfaction that adult smokers anticipate.

EVO sticks have a taste advantage over traditional cigarettes. The tobacco used can be infused with fruity and aromatic flavours, providing a unique twist on classic tobacco. With EVO, you can enjoy a variety of options, including those with added menthol, berries, and forest fruits.

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