How Do You Know What Wattage to Vape At?

If you are using a vape mod (such as SMOK) ‐ which takes its cue from a regular vape pen device, but is enhanced (or “modified”, hence the name) – wattage plays a key role in your vaping experience. Mod vapes may vary in size, shape and material, but at the core, they all have shared settings, including the ability to increase or decrease the wattage on your vape device, to personalise the heat and power of your e-cigarette. But how do you know what wattage to vape at?

What does wattage mean?

If you don’t use a mod device, you may be wondering “what does wattage mean?” Put simply, wattage is the amount of power used by your vaping device. By adjusting your vape wattage, the temperature produced in the coil to heat the e-liquid is customised, allowing you to fine-tune your vaping experience to your personal preferences.

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Each tank has its own coil with its own resistance. Essentially, the lower the resistance, the more wattage the MOD requires. As a result, this creates a vaping experience not only with more flavour and vapour, but more specifically, more hit to the throat.

How much wattage to vape?

Unfortunately there is no one answer that fits all; the key to finding your ideal wattage is all about trial and error. As a general rule of thumb, it is worth taking the following into account when adjusting your vape wattage:

If you want more or less vapour:

If you prefer a warmer and thicker vapour when vaping your e-liquid, you should think about turning up the wattage. However, before you do this, be sure to check your vape device to find the highest recommended watt range – this can be found written on the coil itself. If you go above the recommended wattage, you may find that your coil will burn out and you may need to replace it.

A higher wattage equals more power provided to the coil. As the power is increased, the coil produces warmer, larger clouds of vapour from your vape – ideal for creating tricks, such as smoke rings. On the other hand, for cooler vapour clouds, simply turn the wattage right down.

Despite this, bear in mind that more e-liquid is needed to create more vapour. As a result, if you're vaping at around 40 to 50 watts, you may find that you are getting through 10ml of e-liquid each day. Therefore, if a bottle a day is out of your budget, ensure you are keeping your vape wattage at a lower level to be more cost-effective. 

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If you want a stronger or smoother flavour:

Just like smoke clouds, your vape wattage will also effect the flavour of your e-liquid. Higher wattages are ideal for sweeter and creamy flavoured e-liquids, whereas lower wattages work best for menthol flavourings.

By tailoring your vape wattage to suit specific flavours, you will be able to enhance the flavours and get more out of your vaping experience.

If you want more or less throat hit:

If you would like a strong hit to the throat, turning your wattage up can be beneficial. When the coil is working at a higher wattage, it creates more vapour and delivers more of a traditional cigarette feel to the throat – perfect for if you are in the process of quitting smoking. However, if you are looking for a smoother vaping experience, it is worth reducing the wattage on your vape device.

Bear in mind that battery life is also decreased by continually vaping at the highest wattage setting. If you are a frequent vaper, make sure you are charging your battery well or using back-ups.

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If you are still thinking “what wattage should I vape at?”, it is worth getting in touch with a professional at a vape store or consider using a vape wattage calculator to do the job for you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have any burning questions.

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