Core Bar Disposable Vapes

Core Bar disposable vapes are one of Vapourcore’s own-brand ranges. The sleek and modern design coupled with the vast range of flavours is a recipe for one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market. 

Core Bars are pre-filled vapes that offer up to 575 puffs per vape with a host of delicious flavour blends across all ranges. These compact devices fit ideally into your pocket for a seamless on the go usage, lasting the equivalent of around 20 cigarettes for a fraction of the cost. 

The Core Bar is incredibly easy to use just inhale to activate. All kits and multipacks come fully charged and pre-filled with the e-liquid flavour of your choice making them a no set up product.

Core Bar Ranges

Core Bar Disposables

Core Bar Disposables are a compact and lightweight device, ideal to be used on the go or as a backup device. The 350mAh battery provides sufficient power for up to 575 puffs of 20mg nicotine salts in a variety of great flavours.

Core Pro Disposables

Core Pro Disposable vape bars were the first disposable to utilise FEELM ceramic coil technology. The design is modern and sleek with a hygienic mouthpiece. Available in a selection of flavours and two nicotine strengths, they are equipped with a 300mAh battery to allow for up to 575 puffs and a smooth vape experience.

Core Zero Disposables

The Core Zero disposable vape bar provides you with the same flavoursome experience, but with no nicotine. With a range of luxurious flavours available, the 280mAh battery provides up to 300 puffs. Perfect for those looking to quit nicotine completely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Core Bars last?

The CoreBar and CorePro provide the user with up to 575 puffs, whilst the Core Zero will last for around 300 puffs. The higher amount of puffs is the equivalent of around 40 cigarettes, whilst the lower amount is around 20. This is perfect for social vaping or daily use.

Is a disposable vape a good way to quit smoking?

Core Bars are a great way to help you quit smoking. By starting on the higher amount of nicotine in your initial plan, you can then move to the vapes with a lower nicotine strength. After this, if you want to quit nicotine completely then the Core Zero will provide the smoking sensation, but without the nicotine.

Do disposable vapes have buttons?

Core Bars do not have buttons. They feature a mouth to lung system, whereby drawing on the end of the vape, it automatically activates the inhale feature. Users find this more accurately recreates the traditional feeling of smoking.