Vapengin is a brand that creates high-quality vape devices, including disposable vapes and vape pod kits. The Vapengin Mercury is a disposable vape collection with unique flavours and a unique modern design, clear and compact with artwork within the casing.

Their Venus Kit is a better-value rechargeable pod kit that utilises 2ml Venus pods prefilled with their signature flavours in fruit blends and a cool mint option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What style are Vapengin vapes?

There is a space theme behind the Vapengin box-shaped cyberpunk, spaceship-looking designs. All Vapengin vape devices are named after planets. 

Are Vapengin vapes disposable?

The Vapengin Mercury is a disposable vape. The Vapengin Venus is not, the Venus is a rechargeable vape kit that uses disposable pre-filled e-liquid pods.

Who should use Vapengin vapes?

Vapengin vapes, including the Mercury disposable, are best suited to adult smokers who are looking for an easy and low-commitment way to try out vaping. They're also great for anyone travelling or on a day or night out, since they are so low maintenance.