NZO Pod Vape Starter Kit Review

The NZO Vape Starter Kit is a pre-filled pod vaping kit. NZO has partnered with UK-made RED Liquids and USA-made Pacha Mama for their e-liquid pods - meaning there's a massive range of flavours to choose from. With a sleek and discreet design and a simple button-free method this pod vape stands out from the crowd. Read on to see what we thought when we tried it out!


NZO Pod Vape Starter Kit

The beauty of the NZO's style is in the simplicity. A plain full black body with the NZO logo in red and white on one side with a small transparent juice window is all you'll see when the vape is not being used. It's small enough to hold comfortably or to stow away in a bag or pocket, and so light you could forget it's even there. While vaping, the juice window will illuminate with a green LED. This glowing light looks very nice against the black device, but it's also functional - the light will flash if there is an issue with the connection between your pod and your vape.

Ease of use

NZO Pod Vape Starter Kit Replacement Pods

As the NZO Kit is a pre-filled pod vape, it is as easy to use as you would expect. Simply push a pod in and inhale to activate - no buttons or settings to figure out. When your pod is empty just pull it out and insert a new one. The 1.7ml e-liquid pods can last approximately one day each. No need to replace coils or even refill with liquid! To charge the NZO, simply sit the base in the included magnetic USB charger. It couldn't get any easier!

Flavour production and throat hit

NZO Pod Vape Starter Kit

The NZO pods are filled with e-liquids made by two incredibly well-known brands - RED and Pacha Mama. If we had to pick some staff favourites, we'd choose Fuji (fuji apple, strawberry and nectarine) and Strawberry Watermelon (strawberry, watermelon and ice) by Pacha Mama, and Silver Tobacco (tobacco and caramel) and Blackcurrant Lemonade by RED. The throat hit is surprisingly strong on these considering they are filled with nicotine-salt based e-liquid which is normally incredibly smooth. They still feel smoother than standard freebase e-liquid pods would, but they do have a satisfying throat hit which some of our nic salt using customers have said they miss.

When vaping the NZO, very little vapour is produced - only slightly more noticeable than a cigarette. This is great for those looking for something that visually resembles smoking, or something discreet.

Who is the NZO made for?

We think the NZO Vape Pod Kit is perfect for smokers who want to try out a vape kit that is simple to use. It's also perfect for those who own another vape kit but are looking for a smaller kit to bring with them on nights out or when travelling - or simply to keep as a backup. Finally, we would recommend this kit to anyone who is a fan of Pacha Mama or RED Liquids - we can confirm that the pre-filled pods taste just as good as the bottled e-liquids!

If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team. We offer free UK shipping on orders over £10 and we deliver internationally to most of the world.

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