QYS Refillable Pod Vape Device Review

The QYS Refillable Vape Device has just landed in our stores and our site. The team picked one up to give it a try - here's what we think.


QYS Refillable Vape Device

The design of the QYS nicely balances a unique and eye-catching style with a design that is practical and ergonomic. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold, and the lack of a fire button (the QYS features inhale-to-activate technology) means you can hold the device any way you please without needing to make sure you can reach the button. Some of our staff think it has quite a futuristic look!

Ease of use

QYS Refillable Vape Device's Removable Pod

The QYS is perhaps the most user-friendly open pod kit we've come across. The trouble with pod kits is that either they have no adjustable airflow, or they do but it is inconveniently located - normally it involves taking the pod out and then trying to twist a needlessly stiff airflow ring, getting e-liquid all over your hands in the process. The QYS airflow works like this: each pod has two airflow holes on the top, one large and one small. When you want to switch between a more open DTL style vape and a more closed MTL style vape, simply pull the pod out, flip it round and put it in backwards. It might sound strange but this is a completely foolproof, mess-free method which takes about one second. The QYS will use whichever airflow hole is located beneath the mouthpiece - which is removable for convenience when cleaning.

Besides the airflow, it's incredibly easy to fill the pod too - the push-to-fill technology means there are no fragile silicone stoppers or caps which are easy to use. You push your e-liquid bottle nib against the valve which will then open just enough to let the liquid in. As soon as you remove the nib the valve instantly closes, making this filling method leak-free and childproof. And of course, as this is a replaceable pod system, there is no need to worry about changing coils. Simply dispose of the pod when the coil has burned out and fill up a new one.

Flavour production and throat hit

QYS Refillable Vape Device Unboxed

So now we know the QYS looks good and is easy to use, we need to think about the performance - arguably the most important aspect. The QYS is designed to work best with e-liquids that are 40% or more PG, making it compatible with some of our favourite lines like Vampire Vape, Large Salts and Red Salts. It is compatible with both freebase and nicotine salt e-liquids. The dual airflow means that it's easy to adjust how tight or loose the vape feels, and how much vapour is produced. You can vape whilst charging, a feature that's common on bigger vape mods with built in batteries but surprisingly lacking on several popular models of vape pod kits. The flavour production is great - large wicking holes on the coil mean that there's a large surface area for the coils to vaporise the e-liquid. This also reduces the risk of dry hits.

Who is the QYS made for?

The QYS Refillable Vape Device is a great choice for smokers who want to switch to vaping using something user friendly. It also makes a great choice for vapers using sub-ohm kits who are interested in purchasing a kit that can be used with higher nicotine strengths. We would also recommend this kit to vapers using pre-filled closed pod kits who are looking to try something that lets them select their own e-liquid flavour and strength.

If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team. We offer free UK shipping on orders over £10 and we deliver internationally to most of the world.

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