The Best Nicotine Salt E Liquids

Nicotine salt e liquids may have seemed like a passing phase, but they're definitely here to stay. They provide a quick and satisfying hit without any harshness. Nicotine salt e-liquids work best in vaping starter kits or in vape pod kits. Here are our most popular flavours, in no particular order.

Large Salts - Crispy Coffee

This nic salt juice is a remix of the incredibly popular Crispy Coffee 50ml shortfill by 50 Large. Strong coffee, sweet cream and sticky caramel doughnut combine to create an e-liquid that is moreish and flavourful without being sickly. A perfect all-day vape flavour. This e-liquid comes in both 10mg and 20mg. We love it so much that we offer it free with selected vape kits!

Vampire Vape - Heisenberg Nicotine Salt

Also available in freebase 10ml and shortfill forms, Heisenberg is one of the most legendary e-liquids ever. It is popular worldwide, and it is the very flavour that brought Vampire Vape their fame. They have never revealed exactly what is in this popular juice - it is a mysterious mixed fruit and menthol flavour. We think we can detect blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, eucalyptus and menthol. If you haven't tried it yet, you are definitely missing out!

Nasty Juice - Bronze Blend

Bronze Blend is our best-seller from the Nasty Tobacco range. It's also available as a 50ml shortfill. Nasty Juice are more well-known for their iconic fruit-menthol e-liquids like ASAP Grape or Cush Man, so a lot of us were surprised when they launched a tobacco range. Bronze is a sweet and creamy tobacco flavour with notes of caramel and vanilla. It is available in both 10mg and 20mg, and the 50/50 PG/VG blend means it provides great flavour as well as a smooth throat hit. 

Element Salts - Pink Lemonade

Element's Pink Lemonade e-liquid is the most popular from their range of shortfills and 10mls, and they've now created it in a nicotine salt format. It's a sweet and tangy berry lemonade flavour, with an incredibly smooth throat hit. This e-liquid makes a great all-day vape and it isn't overpoweringly sweet. It is available in both 10mg and 20mg.

Aisu Salts - Blue Raspberry

Aisu's Blue Raspberry e-liquid is a treat for vapers with a sweet tooth. This e-liquid tastes exactly like a blue raspberry slushie, iced and sweet. It is also available as a high VG shortfill for those using a sub-ohm device. Aisu e-liquids are made in the UK and their whole range focuses on fruit and ice blends, so if this e-liquid sounds good to you we would recommend checking out their other e-liquids too.

Wick Liquor Salts - Déjà Voodoo

This is one for those who love dessert or creamy flavoured e-liquids. This nicotine salt juice blends the flavours of sweet sugar cane and creamy coconut for an exotic and smooth vape. Wick Liquor has made this flavour in nic salt, 10ml and 50ml sizes, so you can vape it no matter what device you are using. It reminds us a bit of macaroons, so if you enjoy those coconut biscuits, you will love this e-liquid! 

Pacha Mama Salts - Apple Tobacco

At Vapourcore we love e-liquids with unique flavours, so it wouldn't be right not to have at least one on this list. Every so often there's an e-liquid that puzzles our retail store staff when it arrives - making them think "surely nobody will buy this, it sounds strange!". Apple Tobacco was one of them. This e-liquid combines a delicious honey-roasted tobacco with sweet and fresh green apple for an e-liquid that is incredibly natural tasting. We highly recommend it to those who normally use tobacco flavours but are looking for something a bit different!

If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team. We offer free UK shipping on orders over £10 and we deliver internationally to most of the world.

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