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Our team here at Vapourcore consists mostly of vapers - from newbies who've just picked up their first starter kit to quit smoking to the old guard who still remember the days before TPD: when you could buy bottles of nicotine-containing e-liquid bigger than 10ml and strengths higher than 20mg. It's safe to say we've learned a lot over the years, and now we want to share our favourite vape hacks with you!

Vape tank stuck on mod

Picture this: you're trying to remove your vape tank from your mod and it's totally stuck. You bring it in to your local Vapourcore store, and one of our friendly sales assistants brings it out to the back of the shop. They emerge with the tricky tank successfully unscrewed as if by magic. How did they do it?

The unlikely star of the show is: a door. If you are finding it tricky to exert enough grip on the tank without just spinning the airflow ring round or breaking the glass, place your tank between the door frame so that as the hinge closes, the base of the tank (the most sturdy part) becomes sandwiched between the door and the frame. Use one hand to hold on to the door handle, closing it further if you need more grip, and the other hand to turn your mod. We recommend going slowly and steady for this method and do try to use a wooden door rather than a metal one. Please note that it is possible to scratch or scuff your vape tank using this method - we recommend it as a last resort only.

Alternatively, wrapping several thick rubber bands around the base of the tank can provide some much needed traction for gripping an unusually stubborn tank. 

E-liquid residue

If you vape a lot and use higher-VG e-liquid, it's not uncommon to find that a small amount of slippery e-liquid residue builds up in the areas you vape the most. This is simply the VG condensing, and the trick to getting rid of it depends on the surface:

  • TV and computer screens: A tip for all those who vape while they work, game or watch. Dedicated screen cleaning wipes will get rid of any build up. Make sure they're suitable for your screen type.
  • Desks, tables and other hard furniture: Surface cleaners that contain vinegar will totally dissolve any residue. This works well for cleaning e-liquid spills too!
  • Glasses: Yes, it happens! Damp glasses wipes containing an alcohol-based cleanser will clear your glasses. 
  • Windows, including car windows: If you enjoy vaping while you drive or your vape near a window, you may find that a slightly film develops. Window and glass cleaners that are made with vinegar are the best way to clean these.

Vapes firing while not in use

This is more of a safety tip than a convenience tip - if you're putting your vape in your pocket or bag, turn it off completely first. While many vape devices now do have a "lock" mode, we feel that it's better to err on the side of caution. The absolute last thing you want is to accidentally lean on your device while out and about, causing it to start firing. This can lead to overheated and damaged devices and burnt coils. In the absolute worst case scenario, the hot device could lead to injury. One Vapourcore staff member lost an entire box mod and tank set up when it accidentally fired in the bottom of a bag, causing the coil to totally char and the mod to become flooded with hot e-liquid. For peace of mind, we recommend getting into the habit of switching off your devices before you put them away.

If you are a user of an unregulated mechanical mod (these are pieces for advanced users only) we of course recommend removing the battery before storing the device. These devices traditionally contain little to no circuitry and are fired by pushing the battery directly up to the connector. 

Your perfect e-liquid does exist

Life is too short to put up with e-liquid that is just "okay". Ask any of one of our staff - we would rather you find your perfect e-liquid even if it means we have to go through our whole selection with you, than have you walk away with something you are not totally happy with. And in our experience, the more you enjoy vaping your e-liquid, the less likely you are to be tempted to smoke a cigarette. This process can take time though, so don't fret if you still haven't found The One.

But how do you choose the perfect e-liquid? The amount of choice on our website, in our stores or at other good vape retailers can feel overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for. If you are feeling stuck, we recommend thinking over the following points before buying e-liquid online or in store:

  • What do you like to eat or drink? The majority of e-liquid flavours outside of tobacco and menthol vapes are based on food or drink - fruits, desserts, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and more. What tickles your fancy more - a selection of freshly cut fruit or a plate piled with freshly baked cookies? Would you prefer a chilled pink lemonade or a steaming hot coffee?
  • What kind of cigarettes did you prefer? Tobacco e-liquids have a surprising amount of variety. You can find vape juices that have the flavour of a strong and traditional tobacco, a lighter rolling tobacco or even blends like tobacco and vanilla or spiced tobacco. If you're looking to replicate the sensation of smoking, you may want to try and match your vape liquid to your preferred tobacco taste.
  • What do you not like? You can also start by ruling out certain flavours too. If you can't stand the taste of cherry or have never had any luck with vanilla vape flavours, that helps to narrow down the selection. 
  • When and why will you use this e-liquid? If you are the type of vaper who likes to stick to one flavour, we would suggest making sure that your next purchase isn't too overpowering - too sweet, too icy or too rich (unless you are specifically looking for that). This prevents you from feeling bored or overwhelmed by your new "all day vape" (a term used to describe e-liquids that are perfect for using all day long). If you've already got quite the collection and are just looking for something new, feel free to pick something a bit more unusual as you won't need to vape tankful after tankful of it non-stop.
  • What's the weather like? This sounds incredibly far-fetched, but if you're torn between two e-liquid flavours try thinking about which one suits the current climate more. That icy menthol that tastes so refreshing in the summer might be too cold to handle in the dead of winter! We find that our richer and creamier dessert flavours are very popular when it's cold and our citrus, fresh or minty flavours are more popular when it's hot, so you'll be in good company if you check the forecast before you buy.
  • Try our Flavour Finder tool to help narrow down your search.

My e-liquid has no flavour

If your favourite vape juice seems to have suddenly lost it's appeal, you may have what is commonly known as "vaper's tongue". Luckily, this isn't a medical condition, and is only temporary. Once you've checked that your coil or pod doesn't need replacing, we recommend the following steps:

  • Brush your teeth and tongue, or use a minty mouthwash
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use another e-liquid for a while, preferably something that is very different to what you were previously using
  • Smell some coffee grounds - we've pinched this tip from master perfumers, chocolatiers and wine experts who all rely on their senses of taste and smell being in top shape.

If you're a dual user - someone who vapes and smokes cigarettes - this can also have an effect as smoking is known to damage the sense of taste. Of course, we recommend quitting smoking completely!

Changing nicotine strength

The nicotine strength you start off with doesn't need to be the one you stay with. Many vapers start with a nicotine strength on the higher end of the spectrum, somewhere between 10mg and 20mg, with the intention to gradually decrease their strength. The most important thing about picking a nicotine strength is how effective it is in keeping you away from smoking.

  • You may find that the nicotine strength you chose to start with isn't strong enough, and doesn't provide a satisfying throat hit. We recommend trying the next strength up in your preferred e-liquid.
  • If the e-liquid feels harsh to vape, try a lower strength.
  • Looking for the satisfaction of a high strength with the smoothness of a low strength? Try nicotine salts - a specially prepared extraction method that combines a fast-acting nicotine hit with a gentle throat sensation.
  • There might be times where you feel like you need a higher strength than normal - this is very common. If you find that your cigarette cravings are stronger at certain times of the day or during specific situations, such as after a big meal or while drinking alcohol, consider having some higher-strength e-liquid handy.

If you require any help, advice or recommendations on vaping, vape products or e-liquids, please do not hesitate to get touch.

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