The Best of 2019

We wanted to find out what our best selling products of the last year were, so we've created this list. Let us know if you're surprised, or if you would have predicted these!

The most popular closed pod systems

JUUL Starter Kit - Vype ePen 3 Kit - Hexa V2 Starter Kit

2020 was definitely the year of the pod vape. These small and pocket friendly devices are easy to use and less messy than a traditional vape kit with coils and a tank, so it is no wonder that they have become incredibly popular. To no surprise at all, JUUL's fantastic Starter Kit took the crown, followed by the Vype ePen 3 and the Hexa Kit.

The most popular JUUL pod flavours

JUUL Glacier Mint - JUUL Golden Tobacco - JUUL Mango Nectar

There are six flavours of JUULpod available - by an astonishing landslide, Glacier Mint was the most popular across our stores and our website. It has a cool and crisp hit with a slight sweetness. Coming in second was the Golden Tobacco JUULpod with a smooth and roasted flavour. Mango Nectar was the most popular of the fruit flavours. Other flavours available are Alpine Berry, Apple Orchard and Royal Creme.

The most popular open pod kit

Smok Nord Kit - Uwell Caliburn Kit - Innokin Gala Kit

Open pod systems combine the versatility of standard tank vape kits with the convenience of closed pods. This category also experienced an unprecedented boom in popularity. The most popular was the Smok Nord Kit, a great kit for beginners. It has several coil options available so you can personalize your vaping experience. The Uwell Caliburn was a close second, known for outstanding flavour production and incredibly long-lasting pods. The Innokin Gala kit also proved popular, a sleek device in some lovely colour options.

The most popular starter kit

Innokin T18 II Kit - Innokin EZ Watt Kit - Innokin Jem Kit

Noticed what these kits all have in common? They're all made by Innokin, the undisputed champion of refillable vape starter kits. Their T18 II is an upgrade on the older T18e model, which had previously been our top-selling starter kit - without exaggeration, the Vapourcore team had never been more excited for a new product release than when this version 2 was announced. Innokin is one of the most trusted manufacturers worldwide so it's no surprise that their restricted DTL/loose MTL EZ Watt came in second, or that their adjustable mini Jem Kit came in third. If you're looking for a starter kit that you can fill with your own e-liquids, you cannot go wrong with any of these three.

The most popular sub ohm kit

GeekVape Aegis Solo Kit - Smok Morph Kit - Innokin Kroma-A iSub-B Kit

These three sub-ohm kits topped our best-of list this year. The Aegis Solo by GeekVape is a durable and highly resistant single 18650 kit, great for vapers on the go. The Smok Morph kit is sleek and with a dual-battery setup and great sub-ohm tank, incredibly powerful. The Kroma-A iSub-B Kit by Innokin is great for vapers who are looking for their first sub-ohm kit as it is easy to use, has a built in battery and is and one of our smaller sub-ohm kits.

The most popular 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids

Black Flag Risen Enriched by Five Pawns - Heisenberg by Vampire Vape - Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles by Double Drip

50/50 e-liquids are so popular as they can be used in many types of vape kits, from pod kits, starter kits and even some sub-ohm kits. For this category, we looked at freebase only - not nicotine salts. Our best-seller was Black Flag Risen Enriched from Five Pawns, which is a refined tobacco-based flavour with hints of walnut and coffee. The world-famous Heisenberg from Vampire Vape came in second - this is amazing as we only started to sell this brand in November! And finally, Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles from Double Drip beat the rest of their massive line-up to come in third place.

The most popular nicotine salt e-liquids

Cush Man Salt by Nasty Juice - Fizzy Cola by Ohm Brew - Lemon Sherbet Salt by Double Drip

If 2019's hardware was dominated by pod kits, it makes sense that the e-liquid scene was dominated by nicotine salts. Nic salts have become a favourite of our customers due to their smooth throat hit. Plenty of brands known for their high VG offerings have entered the nic salt market - like Nasty Juice, who earned the top spot with their delicious iced mango Cush Man flavour. Ohm Brew's Fizzy Cola was next, a great sweet e-liquid, followed by Lemon Sherbet by Double Drip which is fizzy and fresh.

The most popular high VG 10mls

Big Foot by Decoded - Vega by Dr Fog's Famous Ice Cream - Deja Voodoo by Wick Liquor

All the other e-liquid categories we looked at showed a diversity in flavour choices - apart from this one. All three of our best selling 10ml high VG e-liquids were dessert flavours! Top of the list is the sweet and flavourful Big Foot by Decoded, a perfect recreation of mini fried doughnuts. In second place, Vega by Dr Fog's - a smooth peanut butter ice cream treat. In third place is Deja Voodoo by Wick Liquor, which is a creamy coconut and sugar cane flavour.

The most popular shortfills

Crystal Mist Shortfill by Double Drip - The Icy Heist by UK Vape Squad - Boulevard by Wick Liquor

Crystal Mist by Double Drip won this category by a landslide and it's no surprise to us. Every single one of Double Drip's e-liquids is incredibly popular: there's a reason that we've been selling their e-liquids since we opened our first store in 2016. The Icy Heist is made by a UK-based manufacturer, and is currently an in-store exclusive - but not for long, so sign up for our newsletter and watch this space to find out when it arrives! Boulevard by Wick Liquor is a tasty sweet and fruity e-liquid which appeals to a wide variety of vapers.

If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team. We offer free UK shipping on orders over £10 and we deliver internationally to most of the world.

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