Tobacco Tax Rise - Budget 2020


An extra 27p price increase on a pack of cigarettes has been announced in the latest 2020 Budget delivered by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

According to government figures, this new rise on Tobacco Tax will add an extra 2% above the current inflation rate to Cigarettes and 6% onto  hand-rolled tobacco in the latest move to reduce the affordability of tobacco products as suggested by campaigners ASH (Action on Smoking).

This is yet another step forward in the battle to protect the health of smokers. Amanda Sandford, of ASH, pushed for this change to make smoking less appealing to all. She said: "Cigarettes are already expensive. The price increase of cigarettes is a key factor in making people quit smoking".

  • 20 Pack of Cigarettes + 27p
  • 30g Pack of hand-rolling Tobacco + 67p
  • Similar recent changes include the ban on packaging logos, smaller 10 packs and the up and coming ban, driven by new EU Tobacco Product Directive laws, on Menthol and flavoured tobacco which will become illegal for sale in the UK from May 2020.

    Time to quit smoking?

    Now is a better time than ever to save money and enjoy the benefits of switching to vaping.

    This tax increase will see the average price of 20 premium cigarettes rise up to £12.73 a pack and the average price of premium loose tobacco rise to £15.60 for 30g

    The costs of vaping are FAR lower than that of smoking, as long as you invest in a high quality vape kit to suit your needs.

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