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Browse our range of RELX pods for the RELX Essential and RELX Infinity Kit. There’s a huge range of flavours to choose from, including classic tobacco and menthol options along with drinks, fruit and sweet flavours.

Fuss-free and beginner-friendly, these ready-to-use pods are popular with smokers looking for a simple vaping solution. The RELX vape pods are pre-filled with nicotine salt e-liquid. Free UK delivery and Worldwide shipping available. 

RELX Pod Flavours 

RELX Pods come in a variety of delicious flavours to suit all tastes. For something fruity and sweet, try the Hawaiian Sunshine and the Fresh Red. If you’re looking for something that more closely resembles the taste of a cigarette, try the Rich Tobacco pods.

RELX Pods Product Details

The pre-filled pods are designed for use with the RELX Essential Pod Vape Starter Kit or the RELX Infinity Pod Kit. They can be changed quickly and easily, and there are two pods per pack. The pods are available in 18 mg nicotine strength.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a RELX Pod last?

It depends on the individual usage, but on average it lasts around 3 days.

Can I refill my RELX Pod?

RELX Pods are not designed to be reused or refilled and should not be opened. Simply dispose of the pod responsibly once it's finished.

What Happens When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping?

Within 24 hours of quitting smoking and starting vaping, your body will have got rid of all the residual carbon monoxide in your system. Your lungs will begin to detoxify as they start removing the debris and mucus that has accumulated while smoking.