Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a brand created by the same design team as Elf Bar. High-quality pocket sized vapes with the technology behind them to deliver 600 puffs per device with outstanding flavour delivery. Bloody Mary feature mesh coils for enhanced flavour and have introduced a range of unique flavours unseen from other brands. Their range of nic-salt e liquids allow the familiar Bloody Mary flavours to be enjoying in refillable vape kits and pods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bloody Mary Vapes the same as Lost Mary?

As the name, shape and logo suggests, their BM600 ranges are very similar. Created by the same factory as Lost Mary, the Bloody Mary vapes are actually a stand alone brand and have some very different flavours and e liquid recipes for you to try.

Are Bloody Mary Vapes any good?

The flavour delivered by these tiny matchbox-style Bloody Mary vapes is very impressive. Packed with strong, punchy e liquid with every single puff, the taste does not seem to fade over the life of the device.