The Shocking Truth About High Lead and Nickel in Illegal Vapes

The Devastating Findings from a Recent Investigation

In a shocking discovery, BBC News unveiled the hazardous levels of lead, nickel, and chromium in vapes confiscated from school students. During the investigation, these vapes, obtained from Baxter College in Kidderminster, underwent thorough laboratory tests. Alarmingly, the findings revealed that the children using these devices could be inhaling dangerous quantities of these metals – exceeding more than double the daily safe amount for lead and a staggering nine-fold increase for nickel.

These startling revelations have raised important questions about the use and regulation of these products, particularly among young people, and the subsequent health implications that follow.

The Lab Analysis: Unveiling a Deadly Mix

The investigation took a concerning turn when tests conducted by Inter Scientific laboratory in Liverpool – a leading lab working closely with vape manufacturers to ensure regulatory standards compliance – revealed that most of the 18 vapes analysed were illegal and had not undergone any form of safety testing before the sale in the UK.

The lab's co-founder David Lawson expressed his astonishment at the findings: "In 15 years of testing, I have never seen lead in a device." None of these products should be available on the market due to violating the permitted metal levels. It was unanimously that these results were the worst ever recorded in vaping devices.

In an equally concerning discovery, brightly coloured 'highlighter vapes', designed to mimic the appearance of highlighter pens, contained alarming amounts of harmful metals:

  • Lead: 12 micrograms per gram, a whopping 2.4 times the designated safe exposure level
  • Nickel: 9.6 times the safe levels
  • Chromium: 6.6 times the safe levels

Notably, these metals were found not in the heating elements, as initially speculated, but shockingly in the e-liquid itself.

Unchecked Harmful Compounds in E-Liquids

Besides these hazardous metals, the lab tests found an alarming presence of carbonyls. These compounds break down into harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde when the e-liquid heats up. These chemicals are also found in cigarette smoke and were detected at ten times the level allowed in legal vapes. Some even exceeded the amounts found in cigarettes.

Regulatory Gaps and The Failure to Safeguard Public Health

Currently, the Medicine and Health Care Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) ensures that all e-cigarettes and e-liquids are registered. However, the agency doesn't actively verify the claims made in paperwork and lacks the power to investigate unregistered products. This regulatory gap has facilitated the sale of potentially harmful and untested products, exposing users, particularly children, to significant health risks.

MHRA's head of e-cigarettes, Craig Copland, stated that the investigation results would be reviewed to determine the potential health risks posed by these vapes.

Youth Addiction to Vaping: An Urgent Problem

It's evident from the revelations that stricter measures are needed to curb these harmful vaping devices among young people. Baxter College pupils Leon and Oscar, whose vapes were confiscated, admitted to their nicotine addiction and their struggle to quit vaping. Despite the apparent health risks, their addiction makes them disregard the dangers.

The Urgent Need for Greater Regulation and Enforcement

Leon advocates for better regulation and enforcement, stating, "They're not as bothered as they should be." Meanwhile, Baxter College's headteacher Mat Carpenter has installed sensors in school toilets to discourage vaping among students. He believes stronger messaging and influencing children's behaviour are needed to address this issue effectively.

The Health Implications of Inhaling Metals: An Expert's Take

According to John Britton, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Nottingham and a Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Group member, inhaling metals can be dangerous. Lead, a known neurotoxin, impairs brain development, while chrome and nickel are allergens. Furthermore, metal particles in the bloodstream can trigger blood clotting and exacerbate cardiovascular diseases.

The Rise in Illegal Vapes: A Growing Threat

David Lawson highlighted the surge in illegal products recently, some of which are difficult to distinguish from potentially legal ones. In response, the UK government has allocated £3m to tackle the sale of illegal vapes. It hopes to fund more test purchases, remove these products from shops, and call for evidence to help reduce the number of children accessing vapes.

The Path Forward: Curbing Youth Vaping

Despite vaping's potential benefits for smokers seeking to quit, its widespread use among children is alarming. Delivering a dual message to society is crucial: while vaping may positively affect smokers, it is unequivocally unsuitable for children.

According to a YouGov survey, the rise in experimental vaping among 11- to 17-year-olds, from 7.7% last year to 11.6%, is a wake-up call. The truth about high lead and nickel in illegal vapes underscores the urgent need to address this growing epidemic. We need to take collective action to protect our children and our future.

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