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Juul Pods

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JUUL Pods - Apple Orchard (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Apple Orchard (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL Pods - Glacier Mint (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Glacier Mint (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL Pods - Golden Tobacco (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Golden Tobacco (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL Pods - Mango Nectar (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Mango Nectar (4 pack)£9.99  

JUUL Pods - Royal Crème (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Royal Crème (4 pack)£9.99  


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items
The JUUL has just landed in the UK so now is the time to stock up on their easy to use, prefilled pods! Go for Golden Tobacco if you want that authentic cigarette flavour or Glacier Mint if you're looking for some freshness. If you want something different, why not try the JUUL Apple Orchard or Royal Creme - Currently only available in our Vapourcore retail stores.

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