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Vaping kits utilising an e liquid pod rather than a standard tank is the latest hassle free way to vape. Our range of Pod devices are available with two options, some like the Juul device use prefilled e-liquid pods which come in a variety of flavours and are disposable. Others like the OnCloud Ion kit have a refillable 'Open' pod enabling you to refill when needed and vape most e liquids on the market in any flavour. With either option, spare e liquid pods ensure you can switch between flavours and strengths in seconds. Buy today from our website or visit one of our London stores.
Best Selling Pods
JUUL Pods - Glacier Mint (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Glacier Mint (4 pack)£10.99  

JUUL Pods - Mango Nectar (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Mango Nectar (4 pack)£10.99  

JUUL Pods - Golden Tobacco (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Golden Tobacco (4 pack)£10.99  

HEXA V2.0 Tobacco Pods (2 or 6 Pods)

HEXA V2.0 Tobacco Pods (2 or 6 Pods)From:  £6.99  

Logic Berry Mint Pods (2 Pack)

Logic Berry Mint Pods (2 Pack)£5.99  

JUUL Pods - Alpine Berry (4 pack)

JUUL Pods - Alpine Berry (4 pack)£10.99  

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