Voom Labs

Voom Labs are a relatively new name in the vape market in 2022. Having only joined in 2019, they have quickly grown to the forefront of the vape hardware market. Their innovative pod systems have quickly become a popular choice. Subsequently, they recently introduced the VOOM Kit - imagine air pod charging cases but for vapes.

Voom Iris Mini

The Voom Iris Mini is the best-selling product in the Voom range. It’s easy-to-use design makes it an ideal choice for beginners. Loaded with a 320mAh battery and 2ml of pre-filled nicotine salt liquid, they are designed to last the same amount of time, maximising puffs and minimising waste produced from disposables.

The Voom Iris Mini comes in a variety of flavours, including mango, passion grapefruit, ice-cream. If you have an adventurous taste with vaping, Voom have you covered. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Voom vapes good?

This depends on what you like to get from your vape, but overall, yes - we think so! The ease-of-use makes it a great experience for even beginners. Their investment in research and development really pays off in the simplicity of the product but also the long-lasting quality from such a small vape.

How much nicotine is in a Voom vape?

Like most vapes, Voom vapes do not contain tobacco but do contain nicotine. Nicotine strength in the Iris Mini is 20mg. This is on the stronger end of the spectrum and is intentional as Voom see themselves as an alternative for smokers trying to quit.

How long do Voom vapes last?

This depends on how heavy your usage is and how long your draws are. Voom Iris Minis come with 320mAh battery and 2ml of pre-filled nicotine salt liquid. This gives the average smoker around 600 puffs, which is impressive for such a small device. This should carry a vape user for little over 1 day.