VEEBA Disposables

VEEBA disposable vapes have been created for adult smokers wishing to quit smoking. The 280mAh battery in the VEEBA range is a feature of their high-quality products and high-end technology. As an official UK retailer of VEEBA vapes, they are available in an extensive range of unique and popular flavours. 

These sleek and discreet devices fit ideally into your pocket for on-the-go usage, each VEEBA lasting the equivalent of 20 cigarettes for a fraction of the cost. All VEEBA disposable vapes come fully charged and include the e-liquid flavour of your choice, no charging, refilling or coil changes required! Free UK delivery is available on this range.

VEEBA Disposable Flavours

VEEBA disposables come in a variety of delicious flavours to suit all tastes and preferences. If you’re looking for something sweet and fruity, the VEEBA Mauve has notes of strawberry and blueberry. Or try the VEEBA Classic for a taste that more closely resembles that of a cigarette.

VEEBA Disposable Product Details

VEEBA disposables are small and lightweight, making them ideal for use while travelling, nights out, or even as a backup device. The disposables each have a 280mAh battery, and 2ml e-liquid capacity. The device is easy to use (simply inhale to vape) and last up to 500 puffs per vape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are VEEBA Disposables safe?

All disposable vapes including VEEBA disposables, are safe to use. They are made of the same components as a standard re-fillable e-cigarette but without nicotine. We only work with the most reputable and trustworthy manufacturers, and we only buy from officially-licensed suppliers.
All the products we sell are fully EU TPD and UK TRPR compliant, and we can provide full Material Safety Data Sheets upon request, just get in touch via our contact page. For the latest up-to-date information on the safety of e-cigs and vaping, we recommend the NHS Live Well site.

How much nicotine is in a VEEBA Disposable Vape?

VEEBA disposable vapes are available in 20mg nicotine salt strength. Nic salts are smoother on the throat that standard nicotine and they are absorbed more quickly. Vaping a Veeba gives a similar experience to the draw from a cigarette.

How long will a VEEBA disposable vape last?

VEEBA vapes offer up to 500 puffs per vape. This is the equivalent of around 20 cigarettes. It depends on your usage, if you only smoke socially, then the Veeba vape offer excellent value for money in comparason to smoking.