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When launching a new vape device to the market, a brand needs to work hard to create a product range that will stand out from the crowd whilst keeping within the legal limitations governing vaping in the UK. Typically, this could be a range of new flavours or different aesthetics, but here it is actually a technological breakthrough.

QUAQ technology refers to a new design of coil that greatly improves the whole vaping experience in the disposable vapes and prefilled pods that contain QUAQ coils. 

The material, construction, and thickness of a vape coil affects the longetvity, flavour and vapour produced from a vape.

The coils within original, disposable vapes and pods are generally cotton coils, a thin piece of wire wrapped around a cotton swab. Sub-ohm coils in more advanced vape kits use a thicker wire which lowers the electrical resistance, enabling more power to pass through the coil and increasing the surface area exposed to the e-liquid without getting too hot.

Teams of scientists discovered how to get a similar effect by further increasing the surface area exposed to the e liquid and so the mesh coil evolved, a thin sheet of mesh moulded around the vape’s absorbent wick. The upgrade to that was the dual-mesh coil with two sheets of metal for further increased surface area.

Now, Elf Bar have launched the QUAQ coil which gives an outstanding vape experience. A QUAQ coil is made from a stainless-steel alloy wire more commonly used in medical applications. The mesh of the QUAQ coil is crafted from an exceptionally fine gauge of wire and is shaped into an intricate curved design giving a hugely improved surface area.

QUAQ coils also feature an improved wick constructed from a food-grade non-woven wicking material which has a better heat resistance than cotton.

This innovative QUAQ design means that the vape uses less power and gets through e liquid less quickly, from a practical point of view a vape with QUAQ technology should last longer as the battery and coil should remain at peak performace until the very last drop of e-liquid is used up. This longer lifespan is better for both your pocket and the environment!

QUAQ technology also delivers better flavour. More e liquid is vaporised from the larger surface area of the QUAQ coil giving a more intense hit of flavour. 

Elf Bar are launching their upgraded V2 disposables with the new QUAQ coil and even though the V2 range retains many of the familiar original flavours from Elf Bar 600s, those flavours through a QUAQ coil should rejuvenate them into a richer more intense taste. This experience will be similar in both the ELFA Pro Pod range and the Lost Mary QM600 disposables compared to their original versions.

Whichever device you choose with the new QUAQ technology, every puff will be bursting with flavour and stand out from vapes with older cotton or standard mesh coils.

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