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Ordered twice from Vapourcore recently, and been thoroughly impressed with their quick service. No issues with either orders. Have recommended to a few friends too.

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Ordered online and delivery was faster than stated on website, actually expected it to come a day or two later. Also received 2 beco bars as a free gift to try out which was a nice surprise! Will 100% order from here again! 10/10 would recommend, very fast replies and shipping amazing customer service!!

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Speedy delivery service and items came individually sealed and then wrapped together giving peace of mind that the products are as fresh as Ice! Thank you Vapourcore!! I Will 100% be ordering from these guys again

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Best vaping website in the uk !!!! Super fast deliveries and always up to date with the last products!! 10/10

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Excellent service - prompt delivery, great pricing - can't fault them, absolutely superb

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Very good customer service if something isn't right. A swift and satisfactory resolution to a problem.

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I recommend it

I am satisfied with the order and recommend it, I will order from this company more often :)



Excellent service

I have purchased from them multiple times and have always had excellent service and swift delivery. I had an issue with an order once missing items but the customer support was very helpful and resolved the problem quickly.

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My new favourite vape company

Best service and the friendliest staff with super fast delivery and an amazing selection. My new favourite vape company, will defiantly be repurchasing!



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After turning to vapes I have found it hard to find a company that actually want to help and give you the time. Whole experience was made easy and smooth which made it so much more enjoyable. Highly recommend going here! Thank you for all the help and advice given… I’ll definitely be using you regularly. 5* service and 5* vapes.

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Excellent choice of products

Love this online company, excellent choice of products at low prices and quick delivery(free when over £20)

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Delivery is quick

Delivery is quick. Products are safe. My flavour is always in stock. 3 for £12 is another pro.

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Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes (also known as disposable e cigs, disposable vape pods, and puff bars) are great for those who are looking to quit smoking and do not want to commit to buying coils or replacing pods. Also, if you are new to the vape world and have been considering vaping but do not know where to start, disposable vapes may be the answer.

Disposables give you flexibility, and are incredibly easy to use, making the smoking to vaping transition effortless. Disposables can be a little more expensive in the long-term, in comparison to other vaping alternatives, such as replaceable pre-filled e-liquid pods (see our best pod brands - Vuse, RELX, HEXA and Logic). However, with our wide selection of disposable vaping products, the disposable vape pen possibility is an attractive one.

Disposable vapes are pre-filled with nic salt e-liquid, so there is no need to refill. Perhaps the biggest challenge you will face with disposable vapes is deciding which brand and flavour you'd like to try first! From fruity flavours such as blue raspberry, green apple, strawberry ice, banana ice, and grape energy to unique more blends such as bubblegum ice, cream tobacco, and menthol flavour - the fun is in the choosing.

Quit smoking start vaping with disposable e-cigarettes - a healthier alternative.

Ready to vape, and quit smoking for good? For smokers who want to try other tobacco or nicotine products, vaping is an excellent choice.

As mentioned, before investing in a more expensive vape kit a disposable vape pen is a good entry level vaping product, and disposable vape devices provide great insight into what you are looking for in a vaping kit.

Should you buy disposable vapes?

It is impossible for us to recommend which vape device is best for you - do you like a smooth throat hit? Heavy or discreet cloud production? Or do you want something that will mimic smoking a cigarette as closely as possible? One thing we can say with absolute confidence is that whether you are new to the game, or an established vaper, our carefully selected disposable vapes do not disappoint!

A disposable vape is an "inhale activated" device - all you do is remove the packaging, and the rubber tip, and you are ready to go. They are also a convenient solution for back-up vapes to use when travelling or on nights out if you do not want to risk losing your vape pod device.

Disposable vapes are pre-filled with e-liquid, so there is no need to refill. All you need to do is decide which flavour you would like to try first!

Which disposable vape device should you choose?

Unsure about which disposable e-cig device to buy? Why not check out our disposable vapes guide, where you will find everything you need to know about our range of disposable vape kits - helping you decide the best disposable kit for you! We stock the best and leading disposable vape brands, our disposable vapes sold include GeekVape (Geek Bar Disposables), Elf Bar, Dinner Lady, Nasty Juice, and our very own Core Bar. All are pre-filled with nic salt e liquid, and inhale activated.

You can place your order with confidence, and securely using our online checkout. We use a secure payment gateway to accept all major debit and credit cards so purchasing products could not be easier or safer.

We use age verification software to verify that each customer is over 18. The delivery address name must also be identical to the billing address name for further security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are disposable vapes?

A disposable vape kit is an all-in-one device which is designed to be carefully recycled and replaced once it is used up. They have all the same components as a traditional vape kit, such as a battery, coil, tank and e-liquid - but it’s all built-in. This means that there is no assembly or setup required. The single-use kits are lightweight and compact which makes disposable vape devices a great choice for those looking to try out vaping for the first time, as well as being perfectly pocket-sized for days away or nights out. No need to worry about remembering spare batteries, coils, tanks and e-liquid!

Disposable vape devices feature inhale activation - so they feel very similar to a cigarette when you’re using them. Simply pick it up and puff. Most disposable vapes have been designed to provide a simple yet satisfying sensation, featuring nicotine salt e-liquid which is smoother than standard (freebase) nicotine, and discreet amounts of vapour.

How long does a disposable vape last?

Disposable vapes usually contain between 1.2ml and 2ml of e-liquid and have battery capacities between 280 and 500mAh. How long an individual disposable vape lasts will depend on three factors: the e-liquid capacity, the battery size and the user’s style of inhaling (for example whether they take long puffs or short puffs). Their longevity is usually measured in “puffs”. For example, one Vapourcore Beco Bar can provide up to 300 puffs. In comparison, a single cigarette usually provides between 10 and 15 puffs. This means that one Beco Bar could last you longer than a whole pack of cigarettes!

If you are looking for a longer-lasting disposable vape, why not try the Geek Bar from GeekVape - the slightly chunkier design means they’ve been able to fit in a bigger battery that can provide up to 575 puffs.

What are the pros and cons of disposable vapes?

A disposable vape is a great choice of first vape kit for smokers who wish to quit smoking and switch to vaping. Because they are so easy to use, there’s no learning curve, so it’s a great way to figure out if vaping is right for you. There is a wide range of flavours so you can experiment and find your favourite - and all without breaking the bank, since disposable vapes tend to range in price between just £3 and £6 each. Disposable vapes tend to use nicotine salt e-liquid, which has a smoother throat hit and a quicker absorption rate than standard nicotine.

Disposable vapes, while being budget-friendly individually, are not as cost effective as other vape devices in the long run. You may wish instead to consider a pre-filled pod vape. These are very similar in style to a disposable vape, but instead of throwing away the whole thing once it has run out, you simply replace the pod which holds e-liquid once it’s empty, and charge the battery. There are also refillable pod kits, which allow you to save even more money by refilling the pod with your favourite e-liquid. Disposable vape kits are not as environmentally-friendly as other vape kits as you must dispose of an entire device each time. However, they still create much less waste than cigarettes - and we offer a recycling scheme for our Beco Bars.

What is the best disposable vape?

We’re incredibly proud of the Vapourcore Beco Bar - it currently comes in 14 great flavours with even more to come. It’s super small and lightweight, making it great for using on the go or as a backup device.

But there are plenty of other choices. Some ranges, like the Geek Bars, sacrifice a little bit of the small size that’s often valued in a disposable in order to provide a bigger battery and e-liquid capacity. Ranges such as Elf Bar or Frunk have a more cylindrical shape that feels especially cigarette-like. And of course, every brand offers a unique range of flavours spanning from classics like Geek Bar Menthol or Elf Bar Cream Tobacco to Nasty Juice Blackcurrant Cotton Candy or Beco Bar Pina Colada. It’s impossible to pick a “best”, since it’s all down to you!