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The uniquely angular shaped aluminum alloy Coolplay XE03 disposable vape is available in an array of carefully developed (and very popular) flavours.

2ml of e liquid delivers up to 600 puffs from each device containing a 400mAh battery. The XE03 is designed to be disposed of responsibly once empty.

We are an official UK retailer for the range of Coolplay XE03 disposable vapes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a Coolplay XE03 Disposable?

XE03 disposable vapes are affordable, unique in shape and the the taste and flavours in the range is fantastic. They are white in design with just a flash of colour (flavour dependant) and the flat, offset mouthpiece gives a tight and smooth vape with every puff.

What is similar to an XE03 disposable vape?

Flavour wise, the XE03 disposable vapes have the same intense strength and sweetness found in Elf Bar 600 vapes. Shape wise, they are quite unique, there is nothing similarly shaped or designed currently in the UK disposable vape market place.