Vapourcore CORE PRO Disposable Vape Review

Core Pro Disposables

Possibly the best disposable vape ever...

After plenty of careful research and development, we have released our new CORE PRO disposable vapes. Designed specifically for adult smokers who want to switch to vaping, our brand new Core Pro disposable vapes use FEELM Coil Technology - also found in award-winning brands like VUSE and fan favourites like HEXA.

FEELM is an innovative heating technology. It features a bowl-shaped ceramic coil with a microporous surface, increasing the surface area in contact with the e-liquid, for incredibly clean and true flavours and satisfying, smooth vapour. They are designed to provide a consistent and flavourful experience from the first to last puff. The coils have a unique anti-condensation and maze-shaped structure prevent leakage and spit-back. The high-tech design leads to uniform temperatures around the whole coil, lowering the risk of burnt tastes.

Our range of Core Pro vapes are easy-to-use (simply inhale to vape) and designed to be disposed of responsibly once empty. Available in a range of flavours and strengths, the Core Pro 10 (coming soon) is pre-filled with 10mg nicotine and the Core Pro 20 with 20mg. Nicotine salt e-liquid ensures a smooth and fast-absorbing hit for a great vape experience.

Core Pro Disposables

Ultra thin. Powerful. Satisfying.

Available in the following flavours:

  • Grape Ice - sweet black grape with ice.
    This flavour is a great choice for vapers with a sweet tooth.
  • Mango Ice - fruity frozen mango.
    This flavour is a great choice for those who love tropical flavours.
  • Menthol - cooling and refreshing menthol.
    This flavour was designed to satisfy smokers who prefer menthol cigarettes.
  • Mint Cream - smooth and sweet vanilla with mint.
    This flavour is great for those who prefer creamy tastes.
  • Peach Ice - juicy peach with ice.
    This flavour is perfect for anyone who loves fruity flavours.
  • Strawberry Burst - fresh and ripe strawberry with a hint of bubblegum.
    This flavour is great for anyone who loves sweets!

If you require any help or advice with your vape device, please do not hesitate to  get in contact with the Vapourcore team.

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