Vaping in Public: Where Can You Do It in the UK in 2019?

Most places within the UK have embraced vaping with open arms as a ‘healthier’ alternative to smoking, and therefore the government have been hesitant to set laws concerning it. Whilst most countries have set strict laws on the usage and production of vaping, the UK is still left in limbo as there are currently no new vaping laws or legislations surrounding it.

Although there are no set laws surrounding vaping and where you can do it, there are regulations which have been put in place in order to protect vape users and those who don’t want to be subjected to vaping products.

Most of the regulations, though, have been set in accordance to the advertising, marketing and sales as opposed to vaping health risks and things similar to this; such as the vaping age limit which is 18.  All vaping manufacturers have set guidelines when it comes to selling vape products, but there are still no laws or even regulations about vaping in public places and where you can do it.

Whilst the lines are still blurred, we’re going to walk you through the places where it is and is not deemed acceptable to vape… for now.

Vaping on a Bus or Coach

Vaping policies vary from company to company, but the best way to ensure that you’re allowed to vape on either a bus or coach is to consult the driver first and ask them whether it’s okay. As mentioned, the policies of one company may be different to another but vaping on London buses or coaches such as the National Express is strictly not allowed. If you are caught doing so despite behind advised not to, you can face being removed without a refund.

Most London buses also have a policy where if a passenger is caught vaping, the driver could face losing their bus license. So, maybe it would be best to wait until you get to your stop before you vape and avoid any possible repercussions.

Vaping on a Plane

Vaping on a plane is strictly not allowed. As previously mentioned, although there aren’t any set laws regarding vaping and where you can do it; many regulations have been set which highly prohibits vaping inside of a plane. Many popular UK airlines such as EasyJet, RyanAir and British Airways all follow this policy.

Although the act of vaping on a plane is forbidden, you’re allowed to carry a vape pen or e-cigarette with you in your hand luggage. Similar to cigarettes, if you attempt to vape on a plane you will set off smoke alarms in the same way and you could be removed from the aircraft, banned from the airline and could even face prosecution.

Vaping on a Train

Vaping on a train, again, is not permitted. Many trainline services such as Virgin Trains, Eurostar and TFL to name a few have all pushed for the ban of e-cigarettes. Therefore, if you are caught vaping on a train you will be removed without a refund and could face a fine.

On the other hand, vaping on a train platform is where the lines get blurred. A smoking legislation which was put in place in 2007 forbids smoking cigarettes on a train platform, therefore vaping should fall under the same category, but as there are no legislations against doing so it’s best to seek advice from a platform attendant before attempting to.

Although there could be potential loopholes in the findings of whether it’s acceptable to vape on a train or a train platform; vaping underground is strictly banned and similar repercussions will ensue if you’re caught doing so. 

Vaping in Restaurants or Pubs

Being able to vape in restaurants or pubs is solely down to the owner of the facility. Most independent chains don’t seem to have a problem with it, I’m sure we’ve all seen someone at least once vaping in a pub but again, it’s best to seek advice from the manager or owner who will give you an insight on their vaping rules regulations.

If you are caught vaping within a facility that disapproves of vaping – it is technically not illegal as vapes do not come under the Health Act 2006 that resulted in the smoking ban inside of pubs.

Although popular franchises such as KFC and McDonald’s to name a few have strictly disallowed vaping within their premises. 

Vaping in Music Venues and Sports Stadiums

While some music venues have strict rules on vaping, most are quite laid back. Places like festivals or open roofed concerts have no policies against vaping. As mentioned, it’s always best to consult the venue manager or staff if you’re unsure whether it’s acceptable.

Sports Stadiums on the other hand can vary from club to club. Larger stadiums though, such as Old Trafford have ensued strict bans. As the laws on vaping in public places are ever changing, it’s always worthwhile to check the stadium rules prior to your visit.

To conclude, this summarises the current vaping policies in public within the UK as of 2019. As there are no real legislation laws as of yet this could all change, but the best thing to do if you’re ever in doubt is to just ask to avoid any potential repercussions.

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