Humble Pie - May 2019 Guest E Liquid Range

Here at Vapourcore, we're proud to bring you a fantastic new range of e-liquid every month. This month, our guest range is Humble Pie - a line of flavourful and expertly crafted dessert flavours. These shortfill e-liquids have a VG/PG ratio of 70/30, making them perfect for vapers using a sub-ohm device.

Humble Pie's slogan is "FOR WHEN LIFE SUCKS" - their mission is to create vape flavours that will put a smile on your face. Did they succeed? Read on to find our reviews!

Apple Cobbler

Humble Pie Apple Cobbler E-Liquid 50ml

This e-liquid pairs sweet and soft baked apples with a buttery, biscuity pastry. It's finished off with a touch of cinnamon and a whole lot of vanilla custard. This is a classic dessert flavour done right - just like a real apple cobbler, the apple is the most prominent note with the crunchy topping and warm cinnamon in the background. 

Humble Pie says:

"Whether you’ve missed the bus or your boss is giving you stick, this sweet treat is sure to raise a smile. Any chef worth their salt (or indeed, their sugar) will tell you there's one surefire way to improve any dessert. You just smash it and add custard."

You'll like this flavour if you like: Apple Pie by Dinner Lady, Smashed Apple Pie by Riot Squad or Spiced Apple Pie by Kemistry.

Danish Custard

Humble Pie Danish Custard E-Liquid 50ml

This is a firm favourite at Vapourcore - in fact, a few squabbles broke out at our head office over who would get to vape the last few ml. A baked sweetbread with a creamy sugar glaze, dusted with cinnamon and finished with vanilla custard. It's sweet and rich and very moreish, but not at all sickly - a perfect all-day vape for those who love dessert flavours. The base flavour of the sweetbread makes it feel more complex than other plain custard flavours.

Humble Pie says:

"Enjoy the real thing once in a blue moon, or vape the calorie-free version all day? You know where this is going..."

You'll  like this flavour if you like: Big Foot by Decoded, Donut Worry by 100 Large or Rigel by Dr Fogs

Lemon Tart

Humble Pie Lemon Tart E-Liquid 50ml

Lemon tart flavours have been created by so many e-liquid companies, so if your first thought is "this again?" we don't blame you in the slightest. However, it's a difficult flavour to get right - citrus flavours are known to be tricky. Finding a balance between sweet, but not artificial, and tangy, but not too sour can be a tough act. In our opinion, Humble Pie have nailed this one - the lemon filling is light and zingy while the pastry and cream bring a soft sweetness.

Humble Pie says:

"When life gives you lemons, vape Humble Pie Lemon Tart for a lift that’ll have you laughing in the face of adversity in no time!"

You'll like this if you like: Lemon Tart E-Liquid by Dinner Lady, Nice Lemon Slice by Coil Hootch or Rep the LPC by Bradley's Brand

Pink Custard

Humble Pie Pink Custard E-Liquid 50ml

This whipped strawberry pudding flavour brings you back to childhood with memories of licking the bowl after mixing up some Angel Delight. It's incredibly smooth and very sweet. It's an excellent flavour, which is no surprise considering the winning combination of strawberry, custard and cream used in this e-liquid. 

Humble Pie says:

"Blow raspberries at responsibilities and get back to a time when things were simpler, with our childhood Pink Custard flavour, offering a sweet release from all that boring grown up stuff."

You'll like this if you like: Strawberry Scream by Riot Squad, Custard Doughnut by Atomic Boom or Berry Tart by Dinner Lady

Rhubarb and Custard

Humble Pie Rhubarb & Custard E-Liquid 50ml

A mix of tangy, stewed rhubarb and sweet vanilla custard. The zingy fruit perfectly compliments the rich custard, and to top it off this e-liquid is finished with cream and brown sugar. This isn't a rhubarb and custard candy flavour, this is a real fruit dessert - and a great all-day vape.

Humble Pie says:

"Go from “meh” to magnificent in a matter of moments with our tangy, creamy, nostalgia inspired Humble Pie Rhubarb & Custard e-liquid. Let the creamy custard calm you during any crisis and tangy rhubarb give you the zing you need to tackle any of life’s little troubles."

You'll like this if you like: Symmetry Six by Five Pawns, Rhubellion by Six Licks or Mango and Raspberry Ice Cream by Double Drip 


Humble Pie Tiramisu E-Liquid 50ml

A rich and dark espresso coffee layered with sweet ladyfinger biscuits, thick Italian cream and a dusting of cocoa. What's not to love? This is a truly decadent e-liquid perfect for coffee lovers. This is another of our favourites - it's so satisfying and feels like you've just eaten a huge helping of dessert! 

Humble Pie says:

"Take on life’s troubles and show them the door with a generous helping of the nation's favourite Italian dessert, just for vapers. Tiramisu holds a special place in the Humble Pie collection, it's such a complex pudding with loads of different layers of flavour and texture."

You'll like this if you like: Vanilla Frappe Latte by Kemistry, Mocha Tobacco by Vype or Vanilla Latte by Club Juice

So there are our thoughts on this new range from Humble Pie - in short, this is one of the ranges we're most excited to share with you! If you like creamy and rich dessert eliquid flavours with a high VG content, this is the perfect range for you!

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