Best Prefilled Pod Vapes in the UK 2019

Just a few years ago had you asked a vaper what makes a good vape kit you would have been told "something that lets you blow huge clouds" or "something that's big and flashy". While closed pod systems - vape kits that have cartridges that are already filled with e-liquids - are everywhere now, that wasn't always the case. Vapers nowadays are more concerned with a device that is easy to use, fuss-free and satisfies that cigarette craving - and that's where pod systems come in. Most brands have multiple flavours and nicotine strength available and all you do is push in your new pod and you're ready to go! There's no need to change coils, and no complicated settings to figure out - it's just as quick as lighting a cigarette.

But how do you decide which vape pod system to get? We've reviewed some of our most popular below.


JUUL Starter Kit

JUUL Starter Kit - JUUL Labs

The JUUL is one of the most well-known pod devices out there - maybe one of the most well-known vape brands too. Tiny in size but big on flavour, JUUL Pods come in a small but carefully curated selection: Alpine Berry, Apple Orchard and Mango Nectar for the fruit lovers, Royal Creme for dessert fans and of course classic Golden Tobacco and Glacier Mint. Pods are available from your local vape shop, online or in bigger supermarkets. While the battery life is small, the brand new Portable Juul Charging Case lets you charge your device four times, meaning you can vape all day! The nicotine salt e-liquid used in the JUUL Pods provide a smooth hit with no harshness.


Vype ePen 3 Starter Kit

Vype ePen 3 Starter Kit | Vype ePen 3 House of Holland Limited Edition

The Vype ePen 3 is a sleek, curved device with a soft-touch rubber finish. This device is a little bigger than most pod kits because it packs a 650mAh battery - a much higher capacity than most pod kits! Vype offer a huge range of flavoured pods, from traditional Blended Tobacco to fruity Honeydew Splash or staff favourite Indigo Dive. They also offer VPro nicotine salt pods which give you a smoother throat hit in flavours like Tropical Mango or Master Blend Tobacco. And if you really want to stand out from the crowd, check out the House of Holland range - created by top fashion designer Henry Holland, these ultra-limited releases are like no other.

Hexa Pod System

Hexa Pod System Kit

The Hexa vape kit was the first closed pod system we ever stocked here at Vapourcore and it continues to be a bestseller. Hexa is a small and discreet pod kit with pods that use a mixture of regular nicotine and nicotine salt - giving you a smooth throat hit with a little bit of a kick. The battery capacity is 350mAh which allows the device to stay small and lightweight and it charges quickly using the included magnetic charger. The pod flavours are limited but done well - Tobacco, Menthol, Tobacco Menthol and Blueberry. Hexa is releasing a Hexa version 2.0, which is coming soon and we are very excited!

MyBlu Starter Kit

MyBlu Starter Kit

The MyBlu starter kit was designed specifically for smokers new to vaping. This is a inhale-to-vape device, meaning there isn't even a single button on this sleek vape kit. The device has a flat, curved shape so it fits perfectly in a pocket. With creative flavours like Eucalyptus Lemon and Bourbon Caramel, there's something for everyone. They also offer nicotine salt pods through their Intense range, including flavours like Intense Tobacco and Intense Strawberry Mint. Blu Pods are easy to find in newsagents, corner shops and supermarkets.

Logic Compact Device

Logic Compact Device

The Logic Compact is a solidly built small pod system that has an eye-catching semi-matte finish in three attractive colours - Rose Gold, Slate Grey or Steel Blue. The magnetic pre-filled pods come in Berry Mint, Cherry, Menthol, Strawberry and Tobacco - there's something for everyone. These pods offer a good throat hit and a surprisingly strong flavour for such a small kit. Charged with a standard USB cable these are great for on-the-go vaping, outputting minimal vapour for a discreet experience. 

That's our run down of the current most popular pod systems! If you're looking for the convenience of a pod kit with more freedom why not try out an open pod system? You can refill them with your choice of e-liquid!

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