SNOWPLUS Pod Kit Review

Snowplus is a brand who specialise in pre-filled pod kits. They have two models available currently: the Pro Device and the Lite Device. Each device can be used with the Snowplus Classic Pods, pre-filled with flavoured e-liquid.

Snowplus Lite Device Kit in Grey / Snowplus Pro Device Kit in Mineral Blue

Both devices come in a wide range of colour choices from deep black and blue to eye-catching red and rose gold. The simple metallic body is adorned only with the really-quite-clever Snowplus logo, keeping it looking sleek and professional.

Of course, being pod kits, they're incredibly easy to use - simply click in a Snowplus pod and inhale to vape. No buttons, no settings, no mess.

Snowplus Lite vs. Snowplus Pro

Both devices are compatible with Snowplus pods.

The Snowplus Lite is the best choice if you are looking for something portable and lightweight. This tiny device clocks in at just 21 grams thanks to the aluminium construction, and is slimmer than the Snowplus Pro. The battery capacity is 400mAh.

The Snowplus Pro is slightly bulkier, feeling satisfyingly solid yet still completely pocketable. With a zinc alloy body. The battery capacity is higher at 450mAh and this model features a "supercharge" feature - capable of being fully charged in just 18 minutes.

Both kits are designed to be mouth-to-lung style vapes, delivering a tight and satisfying cigarette-like draw.

Snowplus Classic Pods

Snowplus pods come in four crowd-pleasing flavours. They're great value, and each pack comes with three pods. The build quality is excellent - the ceramic honeycomb coil means that the last puff tastes just as great as the first, with no burnt or dry hits.

Classic Mint

This mint flavour is a peppermint delight. It's cool and fresh without being overpoweringly cold, and is slightly sweet. Great for hot weather, all-day-vaping and for menthol cigarette smokers.

Classic Tobacco

This tobacco flavour replicates the traditional flavour a cigarette. It's a smooth, classic loose leaf tobacco flavour that's a solid choice for someone looking to quit smoking with a pod vape.

Classic Grapefruit

This grapefruit flavour is tart yet sweet. A great fruity flavour for those who love a more candy-like vape. Very tangy and refreshing, this one is the Vapourcore team favourite!

Classic Lychee

This lychee flavour is mellow and mild with a fruity, tropical flavour. Perfect for those looking for a flavour that's easy to use all day without being overpowering.


What an impressive entry for a brand's first release! We can't wait to see wha the future holds for Snowplus - but we know that whatever they come out with will be high-quality.

We deliver worldwide and offer free UK shipping. If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids, pods or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team.

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