Innokin M18 Pod Vape Kit Review

Innokin's latest release is the Endura M18 Pod Starter Kit. This kit is the newest in the long-running Endura series, the previous of which was the popular Endura T18 II Kit.

We have a soft spot for the Endura line here at Vapourcore - over the years, we have helped so many customers quit smoking by recommending an Endura product, and a few of our staff members owe our quitting success to one of these too. Without a doubt, devices in Innokin's Endura range are some of the most beginner-friendly, reliable and consistent out there. What that means is that we have very high standards for any new Endura kits!

These are in stock right now, and when you buy an M18 kit from Vapourcore you will also receive a free bottle of our very own CORE E-Liquid.

There's never been a pod vape kit in the Endura range - the M18's ancestors were all either pen-style kits or small box-mod style kits. With pod mods becoming popular worldwide for their simplicity and ease-of-use, it was only a matter of time before one joined this range.

Like the rest of the Endura range, this kit is aimed at smokers looking to switch to vaping and existing vapers looking for something pocket-friendly and satisfying. 

Inside the box, you'll find:

  • Innokin M18 Pod Mod
  • Innokin M18 Replacement Pod
  • Innokin Endura M18 1.6 ohm BVC coil
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual

The specs:

  • Output wattage range: 10w to 13.5w
  • Powered by: built-in 700mAh battery
  • Coils: M18 1.6 ohm BVC coil included, T18E 1.5 ohm coil compatible
  • Dimensions: 86.5*30.2*17mm
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml

This kit comes in six different colours: Black, Blue, Grey, Purple, Rose Gold, White and Midnight Green. The colours are matte with a slightly brushed finish. In photos, the M18 looks like it has a soft-touch rubber coating - like the T18II Mini Kit - but the material Innokin has chosen here is far more scratch- and chip-resistant.

The kit can be charged with the included USB-C fast charging cable, making recharging lightning fast. We love seeing USB-C charging included on vape kits, and hope the trend continues! There is only a single button on the M18 kit, discreetly located on the side of the device right at the bottom. This single button is used to switch the device on and off, as well as activating the Boost Mode. Boost Mode makes the device output 13.5w instead of the standard 10w for stronger flavour and increased throat hit.

The device features a massive e-liquid window so you can see exactly when you need to refill without needing to remove the pod from the body of the device. We are happy about this because so many pod kits have an e-liquid window that's essentially decorative, being so tiny and impossible to see through, that you have to remove the pod to check your juice levels anyway. 

To change the coil in the M18 pod, simply twist the base plate to remove it, pull your old coil out, slide a new one in and replace the base plate. The kit comes with the new M18 BVC (bottom vertical coil) 0.6 ohm, but it's compatible with the T18E coils which frankly are some of the best MTL coils out there (they have twelve wicking holes, which means flavour is phenomenal). 

To refill the pod, simply remove it from the device and fill via the side fill port on the pod, which is protected by a silicone stopper. The pod has a built-in mouthpiece which has an ergonomic curved shape.

You can adjust the airflow by rotating the pod - simply pull it out and push it back in the other way round.

For both the M18 and the T18E coils, we would recommend using e-liquid which is at least 50% PG. Both freebase (standard) and salt nicotine e-liquids can be used in the M18.


We have tested this kit out with a freebase e-liquid as well as a nic salt e-liquid - Core Coffee and Red Liquids Icy Mango.

Flavour is phenomenal all round - with the T18e coil, with the M18 coil, with Boost Mode on or off - you can tell that flavour was a top priority in the development of this kit. When comparing the coils, we found that throat hit was a little tighter using the M18 coil, so if you are after a really tight and satisfying sensation we would recommend sticking to those. 

Boost Mode really kicks the flavour up a notch. The vapour is noticeable warmer on boost mode too, which works well with e-liquid flavours that do better on warmer settings (like coffee, dessert and creamy flavours).

The differences between the two airflow settings are substantial making this kit very versatile. Being able to rotate the pod is a lot quicker and more convenient than having to fiddle with an airflow ring. Inhale activation is always great to see on mouth-to-lung kits as it's more realistic and cigarette-like than having to press and hold a button. 

There is absolutely nothing to fault about the construction of the device. It's small and lightweight, palm and pocket-friendly. Setting up is quick and simple with the included user manual which is easy to understand even for complete beginners. The LED battery indicator is easy to see while puffing and it's bright enough to be noticeable but not distractingly so.

The new M18 Pod Vape Starter Kit has blown us away - an absolutely fantastic kit for beginner vapers and smokers who want to switch to vaping. As always, a fantastic job by Innokin! Pick yours up today - we offer free UK shipping, next day UK shipping as well as worldwide delivery. You will also receive a free bottle of Vapourcore CORE E-Liquid with your purchase of an M18, simply select your preferred flavour and nicotine strength on the product page.

We deliver worldwide and offer free UK shipping. If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids, pods or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team.

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