The Best Festive E Liquids 2020

There's plenty of choice when it comes to festive flavours. The season brings to mind thoughts of mulled wine, spiced puddings and comforting desserts. While you're thinking about your Christmas food and drink, don't forget to stock up on some e-liquids with seasonal flavours. 


Large Juice - Apple Nutter

Flavour profile: Red apple, cinnamon, caramel and vanilla

This e-liquid is perfect for cold weather. Featuring a balanced blend of flavour notes, this e-juice makes us think of the filling of a perfectly baked apple pie, or a crisp toffee apple. It's sweet but in no way sickly, making it great for vaping all winter long. With a high VG content the 50ml shortfill is perfect for sub-ohm tanks while the 10ml nicotine salt works best in vape starter kits and pod-style kits.

You'll like Apple Nutter if you like: Cherimoya by Boring Vape Co, Mamba by Illusions, Blueberry Cinnamon by Anarchist

Large Juice - Crispy Coffee

Flavour profile: Caramel-glazed doughnut, coffee and cream

If your winter plans involve huddling under the blankets to hide from the cold, make sure you bring this e-liquid along. It's creamy and cakey but the inclusion of strong coffee means that this e-liquid isn't too sweet. And as you would expect, it goes great with a coffee! Whether you're vaping this with your morning cup or at any other time of the day, this winter warmer is a perfect companion for all types of vape kits as it comes in both nicotine salt and 50ml shortfill form.

You'll like Crispy Coffee if you like: Cappuccino by Ohm Brew, Coffee by CORE, Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless

Glas Basix - Sugar Cookie

Flavour profile: Biscuit, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel

Although the range is called Glas Basix, there's nothing basic about this flavour. One of the richest dessert flavours we've tried - if you want to replicate freshly baked spice biscuits hot out of the oven, this is the e-liquid for you. This e-liquid is perfect for lovers of baked festive treats like Christmas pudding and mince pies. Available as a 50ml shortfill, simply add a nic shot.

You'll like Sugar Cookie if you like: Glazed Donut by Loaded, Butter 05 by Supergood, Ugly Butter by Bad Drip

Loaded - Smores

Flavour profile: Toasted marshmallows, cinnamon graham crackers, melted milk chocolate

Insatiable sweet tooth? If you're the kind of person who looks forward to Christmas dessert instead of Christmas dinner, do yourself a favour and pick up a bottle of gorgeous Smores by Loaded. It's ultra rich and incredibly moreish. This super smooth dessert flavour perfectly captures the USA's favourite campfire snack. The bottle contains 100ml of 0mg e-liquid - simply add two 10ml 18mg nic shots to get 120ml of 3mg e-juice.

You'll like Smores if you like: White by Anarchist, Butter 02 by Supergood, Chocolate Donut by Loaded

Dinner Lady - Blackberry Crumble

Flavour profile: Blackberries, shortbread biscuit and brown sugar

A deliciously warming winter treat, Blackberry Crumble by Dinner Lady is available as a high-VG shortfill, a 50/50 freebase 10ml and a 10ml nicotine salt - so no matter what device you're sporting you can enjoy this wonderful flavour. The combination of sweet sugar, buttery biscuit and slightly tart blackberry make this one perfect for vaping all day. 

You'll like Blackberry Crumble if you like: Berry Burst by Just Juice, Key Lime Cookie by Element, Strawberry Jam Toast by Just Jam

Anarchist  - Green

Flavour profile: Cinnamon butter cookie dough with green apples

This e-liquid is sort of like a distant cousin to Apple Nutter, mentioned above - swapping red apples for green and caramel for cookie dough. The cinnamon butter cookie dough is rich and indulgent, but the green apples provide a much needed snap of freshness and balance. This e-liquid reminds us of a fresh and homemade apple pie. Available as both a 100ml shortfill and a 10ml nicotine salt.

You'll like Green if you like: Cookie Butter by Loaded, Butter 04 by Supergood, Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady

If you require any help or advice with your vape e-liquids or device, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team. Remember to check our Christmas delivery dates to make sure your order arrives in time for the big day! 

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