Menthol Cigarette Alternatives

From the 20th of May 2020, the sale of cigarettes and tobacco with a "characterising flavour" will be banned in the UK - this includes menthol cigarettes. However, vaping products and heat-not-burn tobacco products are not covered by this ban. If you are looking for a vaping alternative to menthol cigarettes, check out this list of our favourites. In no particular order...


JUUL Pods - Menthol 

We all know and love JUUL's Glacier Mint flavour, and this new release is sure to satisfy menthol cigarette smokers even more. A bold and fresh-tasting menthol flavour with an icy cooling hit, this pre-filled pod works exclusively with JUUL vape devices. These pods are filled with a proprietary nicotine salt blend for a realistic hit and great flavour with every puff. 

During May 2020, get two packs of Menthol JUUL Pods for FREE when you purchase a JUUL Device Kit in Grey or Silver or JUUL Starter Kit.

NZO Menthol Pods

NZO Menthol Pods

NZO is a relatively new name on the pod vape scene, but we're already so impressed with their NZO Pod Starter Kit and all the flavours we have tried. If you're after a pure menthol flavour, NZO's is bright and fresh. Their packs contain three pods, each with a capacity of 1.7ml, making them great value in comparison with other brands. These are available in both 10mg and 20mg.

Check out our NZO Menthol Bundle which includes three packs of Menthol NZO Pods and an NZO Starter Kit.

New Logic Compact Menthol and Mint Flavours

Logic Compact Multi Menthol Kit | Logic Compact Intense Multi Menthol Pack

Logic has added some brand new flavours to their Compact Pod range, which previously included Menthol and Intense Peppermint (nicotine salt). They have now introduced new Polar Menthol and Spearmint in both Intense and standard. You can purchase either the freebase or salt versions as part of a kit, or try the new pods in handy multipacks available in both freebase and salt. Or go ahead and buy a three-pack of your favourite flavour!

Check the Logic Intense Multi Menthol Kit, Logic Multi Menthol Kit, Logic Intense Multi Menthol Pack and Logic Multi Menthol Pack as part of our new Menthol Alternatives selection. 

Vype ePen 3 and ePod Mint

Vype ePod Menthol Bundle | Vype ePen 3 Menthol Bundle 

Vype's pod flavours are technically mint, not menthol - but they still provide a great fresh hit. Crushed Mint vPro Salts are available for the sleek and minimal ePod device, while Crushed Mint vPro Salts and Crisp Mint freebase pods are available for the ergonomic ePen 3.

As part of our Menthol Alternatives selection, check out the ePod Menthol Bundle and ePen 3 Menthol Bundle. 

Menthol High VG E Liquids

Menthol High VG E Liquid Bundle

We've put together three of our favourite menthol high VG e-juices for this bundle, containing 200ml total. Element Frost, a sweet and soft mint and menthol blend; Orange & Mango Chill, a tropical mix of orange, mango and ice; and Berry N'ice, a combination of mixed berries and menthol. Plus enough nicotine shots to make each bottle up to 3mg. 

Check out the Menthol High VG E Liquid Bundle as part of our new Menthol Alternatives selection. 

Menthol Nicotine Salt E Liquids

Menthol Nicotine Salt E Liquid Bundle

A new bundle containing three of our bestselling menthol salt nicotine e-liquid. Aisu Blue Raspberry Salt, a blend of blue raspberry and ice; Ohm Brew Grape Menthol Aniseed, a grape and menthol mix; and Element Frost. All three e-liquids come in lower and higher nicotine salt strengths. 

These great e-liquids are available as part of our new Menthol Nicotine Salt E Liquid Bundle. 

Menthol 50/50 E Liquids

Menthol 50/50 E Liquid Bundle

This bundle contains some of our most popular 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids. Vampire Vape Blood Sukka, a mix of cherries, berries, menthol and eucalyptus; Dinner Lady Mint Tobacco, a mint and menthol tobacco flavour; and Club Juice Menthol, a classic fresh menthol.

Find this Menthol 50/50 E Liquid Bundle alongside our other menthol alternatives.

IQOS 2.4 Plus Menthol Kit

IQOS 2.4 Plus Menthol Kit

This kit contains an IQOS 2.4 Plus Kit in Navy, along with a pack each of Turquoise and Blue HEETS Tobacco Sticks. The IQOS device is a "heat-not-burn" product, which heats sticks of real tobacco without burning them to provide a smoke-free nicotine vapour. At a great introductory price, this kit is aimed at smokers who currently use menthol-flavoured cigarettes. 

You can also view our full range of Menthol Cigarette Alternatives. If you require any help, advice or recommendations on vaping, vape products or e-liquids, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Vapourcore team.

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