BordO2 50/50 - June 2019 Guest E Liquid Range

Here at Vapourcore, we're proud to bring you a fantastic new range of e-liquid every month. This month, our guest range is BordO2 - a range of varied 50/50 PG/VG e-liquids perfect for pen devices or vaping starter kits. These e-liquids are made with freebase nicotine, not nicotine salt - so you can enjoy great flavour profiles along with a good throat hit!

Read on for our review of these ten creative flavours.

Breaking Vap

BordO2 Breaking Vap

Flavour profile: Menthol and Eucalyptus

This e-liquid is the king of strong menthol flavours. We cannot overstate how powerful this flavour is - if you want to feel like you're vaping an ice cube, this is the flavour for you. The perfect e-liquid for the summer heat!  The mix of menthol and eucalyptus provides a soothing and refreshing taste.

You'll like this flavour if you like: Menthol Breeze by Vapourcore, Nice Ice by Vapourcore, Spearmint by Ohm Brew

Bubb'Old School

BordO2 Bubb'Old School

Flavour profile: Strawberry bubble gum

It's sweet and fruity and creamy - the taste of nostalgia! This e-liquid is one of the most tasty candy flavours we've ever tried, and it reminds us of being a kid and spending 10p at the sweet dispenser for those chewy bubblegum sweets. With notes of strawberry to add a freshness to the e-liquid so it's not too sugary, this is the perfect vape for those with a sweet tooth!

You'll  like this flavour if you like: Starfruit Burst by Zap, Blueberry Bubble by Ohm Brew, Banana Haze by 100 Large


BordO2 Clyde

Flavour profile: Strong tobacco and almond

A rich and smoky tobacco sweetened with a hint of almond. This is a complex flavour that stands out from the crowd of plain tobaccos. The added almond gives it a rounded, nutty finish with a little bit of sweetness, but the main body of the flavour is a dark and rich tobacco.

You'll like this if you like: Gold Tobacco by Vapourcore, TY4 by T-Juice, Aromatic Tobacco by Vype

Dopamine Blue

BordO2 Dopamine Blue

Flavour profile: Raspberry and menthol

Sweet and fruity raspberry with a blast of menthol. This is the perfect fruit menthol e-liquid for those looking for a balanced flavour - the raspberry and the menthol are both equally strong and one doesn't overpower the other. 

You'll like this if you like: Red Astaire by T-Juice, King Cassis by Kemistry, Berry Cold by 100 Large

La Baronne

BordO2 La Baronne

Flavour profile: Strawberry cupcake

La Baronne ("The Baronness") is a super-sweet and creamy dessert flavour: vanilla cupcake with strawberry and cream icing. This is a really well-constructed flavour: you can taste the cake and icing notes as separate layers, just like eating a real cupcake! This e-liquid is perfect for dessert flavour lovers. 

You'll like this if you like: Strawberry Custard Compote by Kemistry, Berry Tart by Dinner Lady, The Sauce Fam by UK Vape Squad

La Baronne Jaune

BordO2 La Baronne Jaune

Flavour profile: Lemon madeleine

La Baronne Jaune ("The Yellow Baroness") is La Baronne's tangier cousin - a rich and buttery madeleine cake with zingy lemon. This e-liquid is incredibly moreish and we found it really hard to put down during testing - even for those of us who don't normally like dessert flavours!

You'll like this if you like: Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady, Lemon Tart by Humble Pie, Lemon Slice by Coil Hootch

Rainbow Gun

BordO2 Rainbow Gun

Flavour profile: Strawberry, banana and kiwi sour gummies

This e-liquid tastes like a handful of fizzy fruit sweets with a sour sugar coating. Another nostalgic flavour from BordO2! The sweetness of banana and strawberry combined with the freshness of kiwi would be a winning flavour already - and they've improved it by adding a fizzy sour note. 

You'll like this if you like: Starfruit Burst by Zap, Raspberry Sherbet by Double Drip, Lemon Lime Lolly by Ohm Brew


BordO2 Voyageur

Flavour profile: Apple, kiwi, blackcurrant and cactus

Voyageur ("Traveller") is one of the most unique flavours we've come across. Like us, your first question might be "what does cactus taste like?" None of us at Vapourcore have ever eaten the prickly plant ourselves, so we took to the internet and found it described as "sweet, fresh and floral" - which perfectly describes this e-liquid! It's a Vapourcore staff favourite because it's a real all-day vape - sweet enough to be interesting and tasty while fresh enough that it never gets old.

You'll like this if you like: Melonade by Zap, Apple Grenade by Riot Squad, The Prophet by Illusions

L'Ange Gardien

BordO2 L'Ange Gardien

Flavour profile: Red berries, blackberry and lemon

L'Ange Gardien ("The Guardian Angel") is a very refreshing fruity vape flavour that's both sweet and tart. The most prominent note is blackberry - the citrus mainly comes through on the inhale. This e-liquid is perfect if you like fruity flavours that aren't too sweet - it's a very natural-tasting flavour.

You'll like this if you like: Bloody Berry by Nasty Ballin, Lizzie Rascal by Halcyon Haze, Raspberry Sherbet by Double Drip

Puff Daddy Vape

BordO2 Puff Daddy Vape

Flavour profile: Bourbon, almond and brown sugar

A sophisticated mix of bourbon, almond nuts and brown sugar. This is a rather savoury vape flavour - but the brown sugar adds a slight note of sweetness. The soft almond flavour pairs perfectly with the bourbon. 

You'll like this if you like: Castle Long by Five Pawns, Smoked Whisky by Vype, Spiced Rum by Vype

So there are our thoughts on these e-liquids by BordO2 - a varied offering of expertly-crafted e-liquid. There's truly something for everyone!

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