I started vaping in 2008 with the first ever e-cigarette. (See photo). I was a smoker for 20 years. The e-cig was the only thing that managed to help me quit smoking for good. I still vape today and my go to device is the Uwell Caliburn. It has a refillable pod and is quite a small hand held device. The battery lasts me a day before it needs a charge. I do occasionally use a colourful disposable when I’m out and about as it’s more convenient, but wouldn’t vape on it daily and it’s gets too expensive and don’t like the idea of throwing away a battery everyday.

I have also been involved in the vaping industry from the beginning and have seen so many changes in this time. I love that there are so many different devices, flavours and options to choose from and meets the needs of the individual Vaper.

My go to flavours tend to be Apples, Peaches and Berries. In the beginning there was only Tobacco and Menthol. In my opinion, it’s always good when quitting the cigarettes for an e-cig, to start with these two flavours with a small easy to use device as they are more likely to help with the transition. It will taste and feel more like a cigarette and be familiar when giving up smoking. Once that’s been achieved then go buy, play and explore the choices and enjoy vaping.

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